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What is your view towards the future with employment and future machines/robots?

I've always had thought about this topic because our economy as a whole isn't even stable yet, where will people look to go for work and success?

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    May 2 2012: Hi Bradd,
    My opinion is we feel we are technologically very advanced and need of robotics should not be so much that they replace human beings . I feel we are technologically too much advanced and any break through in technology will only be amazing . Maybe we can use robots to drive trains or planes so that mishaps can reduce. But definetly not in doing our household dishes which will eventually make us couch potatoes .

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    May 1 2012: in future we need to serve robots which will eventually pay us!!
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    May 1 2012: eventually, robots will take our jobs. People who enjoy working so much will need to adapt to a life of leisure.
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  • May 8 2012: Thank you guys for your response, I think this topic will be a surprising and an unpredictable future!