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what about an "international darpa" with ambitious not military objectives?

after having watched this incredible talk i'm amazed about the incredible power of a bunch of well motivated and supported people in pursuing impossible objectives. i wonder how many incredible goals could be achieved worldwide if only the plague (in my opinion of course) of nationalism could be gradually reduced. i'm aware that's utopian to reset a concept like this in the short time, but i also think it's sad to see how much money is spent on research for military purposes to increase power instead of fixing problems of humanity. the world is full of skilled, intelligent and open minded people with a cooperative attitude. people who'd just need an adequate framework in which they could express their incredible potential. i'm not thinking at generic objectives like "extinguish poverty", rather something more concrete, objectives like those illustrated in the video, of course not military objectives, maybe a specific problems in agricolture, in medicine, energy and so on. combining the most skilled minds worldwide would be incredibly powerful, not doing it is an incredible waste of resources as far as i can see. the credit would be attributed to the whole team thus to the whole world, and the benefits should be spread to everyone. i think it's about time to start a thing like this.

  • May 1 2012: I agree that there is a clear need for such an organization to do the expensive basic research for things that humanity requires but yet don't have a viable commercial market. Why should a private drug company spend spend billions to vaccinate against AIDS when you can develop blockbuster ameliorative medicine? The problem is how to provide steady, reliable funding to such a research organization., I guess....