Prateek Maloo

IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

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The mythical truths.

As an engineer, I've learned that

1) Distance is not always proportional to love. They share a freakish nature. It depends on the data given & the environmental conditions.

2) No matter how hard you try to do good stuff for others, some unaccounted failures always occur. The breakdown maintenance department can't help and preventive maintenance isn't possible. It's highly risky to live.

3) No matter how you express yourself. The diction & speech goes wrong or they're not enough. Body language has an important role to play.

4) Your care & concern is volatile. It’s not there if you don't do enough to show. Constant discharge is necessary, else caring efficiency is supposed to be low.

5) Even if you don't know a person much you feel that she/he has been there since forever. Time loses its importance. It’s just a frame of reference.

6) There are people whom you love a lot. But they fail to understand your love. Expectations are really high. Its like solving a zillion variable equation. All you know is that 'x' is an unknown variable.

7) When people tell you what you should do, they forget how they are supposed to tell it. It’s like trying to store 700MB in a floppy Drive. Generally ends with a GIGO(Garbage In Garbage Out) situation.

8) Sometimes people ask for too much. You are in no position to satisfy their needs. You find that the resources are low & demand is too high and results in inflation and black marketing.

9) Sometimes you do stuff for yourself & nobody understands. You are then insensible, immature and kiddish. It’s like a Data Sufficiency question. You have no way to establish your logic.

10) Usually people don't care about you. They care about how they evaluate/think of the situation and actions. Not even your family. You have to choose your own path & walk it, giving up the fear of being left alone. A petrol engine never runs on Diesel, even if it cared for diesel. It needs its own combustion methodology.

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