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What is your view on Information Privacy and how it has evolved over the past 20 years?

Over the past 20 years the concept of information privacy has significantly changed from heavily guarded to freely shared.

Recently I was researching bar code scanners and came across a product from the 1990's that would allow you to scan a bar code (UPC) of a product and take you to a web page with more information. This product however went through a third party that would track your scans and use that information for advertising. This scanner did not last on the market due to peoples concern for the privacy of their information. In contrast, today people freely give this information out with little concern for their information. Just about every website you go to has an option to provide your personal information. Many people to not take the time to discover how this information is used and blindly click to agree with the terms. I would like to explore the change in mind set over time.


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    May 2 2012: I personally had many concerns at first, specially on social media sites like Facebook and by the time I had to give up like many others.
    I think it has been proven that users tend to give up privacy for more free social services... Would that change in the future ? I don't see how!
    Would "data protection legislators" organizations or governments try to do something about it ?! Perhaps they are the most benefited of these type of data.

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