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What are the top three characteristics a TEDtalk must fulfill to catch your attention?

We all have our favorite speakers; some of us like humor, others like to be filled with facts, sometimes we just want someone's talk to restore our faith in humanity.

So what are the top three aspects a speaker should fulfill in order to become a successful TED speaker?


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    May 6 2012: It's always better not have expectations, or at least to make a conscious effort to try to suppress expectations; I don't recall the name of the speaker, but there was actually a TEDtalk on lowered expectations, and how they can lead to increased happiness in the individual.
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      May 6 2012: Eduardo.....so you listen to every single talk?

      You are not turned off by any speaker? or their subject matter? or their speaking style?

      They are all the same to you?

      I'm just curious.
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        May 6 2012: All I was saying is that my mindset is generally more open, I don't like having a set criterion to use as an anchor--i.e. if the speaker, or the presentation, does not meet x, y, z, then I am displeased etc.
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          May 6 2012: I understand you now. I guess the way she poses the question..."MUST fulfill".......you took the word MUST and answered according to that one word.

          However, from reading all the replies thus far, you can see that there is more to her question than meets the eye don't you?

          So, can you answer her last question?

          There she used the word "SHOULD".....instead of "MUST"........what do you think?

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