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What are the top three characteristics a TEDtalk must fulfill to catch your attention?

We all have our favorite speakers; some of us like humor, others like to be filled with facts, sometimes we just want someone's talk to restore our faith in humanity.

So what are the top three aspects a speaker should fulfill in order to become a successful TED speaker?


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  • Apr 30 2012: a talk that addresses my passion play - addressing the problem of kids, teens mostly, making bad choices that will forever impact their lives. There is not enough conversation about how kids are so self sabotaging, and societal pressures are making this even more acute. The problem can be addressed seemlessly through programs in public education, among many other ways.
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      May 3 2012: Why do you think teens are self sabotaging?
      Have you found any TEDtalks that address the problems of children and teens?

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