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"What Would You Do" in high tension social situations that involves: racism, sexism, lying, etc.; Are you the "good samaritan"?

We all think we are good samaritans, but watch this segment of ABC's "What Would You Do?" segment about these high tension social situations.


I found the video very shocking. The video shows a liar ruining a $5,000 painting, sexting and teen pressures, and racism/sexism in modern day society.

Society has its double standards, but it seems that our chemistry plays a role in our decisions?


Do you have any other episodes of the show that you found shocking?

I think I'm the "good samaritan", but I won't say I've never fallen under false pretenses before.

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    Apr 30 2012: I was just going to type when I saw your question, have you been watching ABC specials?

    Last night they showed young people..........they had hidden cameras placed in a school and had a group of students left to their own devices to see if they would cheat.

    And it was interesting what peer pressure does to youngsters.......some however, where brave and stood up to the cheaters......they even spoke off and told on them when the adult walked in the room.

    Now that!!! takes boldness!!! Leadership skills of the best kind.

    Great question Derek, hope you get lots of participation.
    • Apr 30 2012: I think we need to teach young people (and society as a whole) more about ethics, believing in yourself, lead by good example and not do things just because of peer pressure.

      I think this relates to the bigger aspect of our society where people want to belong to a group for a wrong reason - that everyone else is doing it. You can see how people buy stuff they don't need so they belong. Or mimic behaviors so they can belong.

      Once young people are given opportunity to lead, to explore and to follow their passion they will be less influenced by large group that does something wrong?
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        Apr 30 2012: The moms were right there watching the whole thing unfold....behind the scenes...and my question is where were the fathers?

        The program brought out that many times parents think that there children have the skills, words, and character values to do the "right" thing............but the problem is..........and always has been................that children do what they see, and not what they hear.

        Parents set a bad example by being materialistic, lying (little white lies), they go along with their friends, the kids hear them gossiping and see them cheating on taxes, and if they own a business they might see other behavior that is less than honest. Also, parents don't have the right kind of talk about cheating with their kids.

        So, in the long run Zdenek, it is because children see bad examples around them that they do follow the crowd..........most people do (Of course there are the exceptions)

        In a loveless world, where a good chunk of humans have no believe in God or try to have spirituality, and there is great disrespect for authority figures, you can't expect better results than what you see.

        I am grateful that at least one of the girls was bold, and stood up and preferred to be hated for who she is, than liked for who she was not.

        I try to lead by example myself, but alas, being imperfect I fail many times.

        But, I hope, that my children will value the example I set for them. Because in the end, that is what counts......words are just words.

        This morning someone shoved a tract in my face. When I attempted to speak with her and ask her questions, she waved her hands and said "just read it read it...I have personal contact with the Lord, we are on a one to one basis". And she quicly walked away.

        Her lack of interest in talking to me, left much to be desired. Her example invalidated her words. She wouldn't talk to me. The tract looked homemade. No organization's name or address was printed on it.

        I was left speechless. Our example.......it is worth alot!!!
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      May 4 2012: There is a tedx about cheating somewhere Mary. Cheating is a social event, but if no one else is cheating people usually don't cheat. I am sure the Tedx could better elaborate my ideas. =P

      No, I just happened to skimm through the internet and found the video. Inspiring and slightly frightenning.
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      May 6 2012: Here is an ongoing conversation that has this tedx about cheating.

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