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What will happen to chopsticks in 1,000 years?

We're all aware that cultures are clashing and mixing faster and faster everyday thanks to new tech like the internet and old tech like migration.

Currently we celebrate cultures by engaging with them at restaurants, festivals and through travel. We are all entertained by the differences; we use chopsticks while eating asian foods, eat our "plates" when eating Ethiopian food, we are brought on stage during a hawaiian luau against our wishes but then in the end have a good time :) (etc, etc)

However, when mixing you eventually come to a blended phase where the soup is one general color. (keeping with the food theme I got goin on…it's almost lunch time)

Do you think that at some point in humanity's future we will put aside cultures and traditions and become one society - a new together culture? If so, is this a good thing?

Is it possible that future generations will only find out today's diverse cultures by asking their AIs?

Will chopsticks or forks still be around in 1,000 years?
10,000 years?


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    Mar 11 2011: My prediction: spork proliferation.

    Chopsticks will still be around 1,000 years from now in the same way that hammers, spears, and other primitive tools are still around in modernized incarnations. However, there are other eating tools that are probably more adaptive, versatile, and user-friendly than chopsticks. Perhaps the adoption of that new tool will grow over time.. but only if there is a reason for it to grow (new tool is cheaper to make, new tool becoming a fad, scarcity in the production process of chopsticks..etc)

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