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How do you view SlutWalks? How familiar are you with the movement? What aspects of it do you agree or disagree with?

I am curious what TED listeners think of the global Slutwalk movement designed to combat widespread victim blaming and slut shaming. What do you understand it to be for? If you disagree with SlutWalks, what would you like to see instead? What about it empowers or disempowers you?

I ask because I so deeply respect this community, and would like a snap shot educated perspectives concerning the movement.

To learn more about SlutWalk visit www.slutwalktoronto.com


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    May 1 2012: Interestingly, this started based on a comment that was made at the university where I work and studied.

    I personally think this movement is an important, positive, and reflective one (just read their blog posts to see the depth of thought involved - http://www.slutwalktoronto.com/category/blog

    Those involved are staking out a space in the public domain, to discuss sexual violence in a way that may be seen as provocative to some. But that provocation ultimately works to build awareness on a topic that really isn't discussed as much as needed.

    And Peter, I agree, you shouldn't have to wear a tie.

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