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How do you view SlutWalks? How familiar are you with the movement? What aspects of it do you agree or disagree with?

I am curious what TED listeners think of the global Slutwalk movement designed to combat widespread victim blaming and slut shaming. What do you understand it to be for? If you disagree with SlutWalks, what would you like to see instead? What about it empowers or disempowers you?

I ask because I so deeply respect this community, and would like a snap shot educated perspectives concerning the movement.

To learn more about SlutWalk visit www.slutwalktoronto.com


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    Apr 30 2012: I must admit that I'd never actually heard of it until I saw your question but then looked it up on Wikipedia. It seems to me that whether women dress provocatively or not this is no justification for any sexual attack or harrassment of that person. However, it is clear that by dressing provocatively it appears to be the intention of the person to attract others sexually...and if that is the case, don't be surprised so if you receive unwelcome attention. I'm not saying that it serves them right...but that they should have more sense. Getting dressed up as Lady Gaga in a meat dress is not the best wardrobe for a stroll through the Serengueti.
    • May 1 2012: I am so glad you posted! I have really hoped to hear a variety of perspectives here in response to my question.

      Having said that, I vehemently disagree that women should expect to be harassed when appearing attractive, even deliberately appearing attractive. Not only do I disagree, but science does not support the idea that a persons dress either increases or decreases the odds that they will be a victim of sexual violence.

      This is an over played myth that is indicative of a harmful, misdirected public attitude.
      Here are a couple sources to back up the claim that sexy dress does not lead to sexual violence:

      See Section III


      See Pg 122 Table 4

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        May 1 2012: I said that harrassment and violence could not be justified....but that they should expect unwelcome attention...and of course some welcome attention. Men who are out to rape someone don't pick women based on their attractiveness, that's true. But men who are out to score on a Friday night usually do...so if you make yourself as attractive as possible and then surround yourself with men...don't be surprised if they come on to you. I'm sure if not a single man did come on to you, you'd be pretty upset.

        As for Slutwalk...they are free to demonstrate as they wish...but it's a shame that people use vulgarity to attract attention to their cause. Seems a gimmick to me.

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