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How do you view SlutWalks? How familiar are you with the movement? What aspects of it do you agree or disagree with?

I am curious what TED listeners think of the global Slutwalk movement designed to combat widespread victim blaming and slut shaming. What do you understand it to be for? If you disagree with SlutWalks, what would you like to see instead? What about it empowers or disempowers you?

I ask because I so deeply respect this community, and would like a snap shot educated perspectives concerning the movement.

To learn more about SlutWalk visit www.slutwalktoronto.com


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    May 1 2012: It amazes me that no one sees the judgement forced onto men because of the way they dress. Go and stand in the lobby of an office building in a major city and see all the men dressed identically. It isn't only women that are judged by thier appearence. Why do I need to wear a tie to sit at a computer or make phone calls?
    • May 1 2012: What I hear you saying is that men suffer from expectations of dress, which I completely accept.

      I think that this applies to Slutwalk in that Slutwalk is a commentary on all aspects of rape culture, including male victims. I don't know that expectations of dress codes in office buildings contributes directly to sexual violence.

      I think it is important to recognize that the way a person dresses does not make them more deserving of violence done to them.

      Slutwalk specifically strives to strike down the myth that what you wear has any correlation to your odds of becoming a victim of sexual violence, which indeed is a myth.
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        May 1 2012: Of course there is no justification for any violence against anyone at any time. I just wanted to point out that as humans we draw all sorts of unjustifiable conclusions about others based on physical appearance. It's an issue that extends into many forms of discrimination from sexual harrasment to racism to people that assume that if you're deaf you must also have a cognitive deficiency.

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