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how to find out the truth about us?

The Truth.....
Human being is divided into religions and sects. when a child is born in a community he takes the religion and persuade it. most of them get convinced that their creed is truth and not only they follow it but they protect it, they spread it and die for it.

a group of people are as certain about their rebirth as Muslims or Christians or Jews are certain about the Day of Judgement. every creed promises to provide salvation and mental peace.

all the scholars, priests and philosophers claim to be true. BUT everyone needs that his people must be agreed with him.

truth is like Gold. there is a group of people who devote themselves and meditate on something that they have been taught its Gold, they hardly try to know that the thing is actually gold or not?

a philosopher keep of discussing the method of knowing Gold, without actually touching or knowing the claimed Gold is Gold or not. theologians are busy in protecting the claimed gold in order to malign it with other metals or mix it with other metals.

while i think, there is only one truth, only one thought and only one will.... that is sprouting the rests of the waves in the ocean. i think either truth is as much apparent as the surface of Ocean, right in front of eyes... or mixed in the waves of thoughts, theories and philosophies, one has to jump into ocean and search in the water,....or its deep inside has to reach to the core of ocean to know it.

Truth is not that we are 'convinced' by others...truth is what we realize. realization is not going to happen until and unless there is space in mind. i dont want to stirr the faith of devotees, they have found the remedies for their thirst....but for the people who have left blind belief...once left the blind belief its impossible to return to it.

so the where is the ocean...its in ourselves,, we would find truth in ourselves only. think upon you, contemplate upon you and truth would be revealed!

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    Apr 30 2012: I was brought up by parents ultimately of different semi-conflicting religions so ended up not officially following either. However being a logical thinker and seeing the majority of people belonging to or following a specific religion did intrigue me, so I began to look into several of the popular ones and discovered that many of them are the same, however use different names. Many of the lessons are the same, but the outcome may be different both good and bad. Most claim to be the "Right" one, but really who is to tell until that ultimate day. I am not going to start a controversial debate, but let me say that there are too many contradictions and circumstances involved for me to personally follow an organised religion. That does not say that I do not believe in a higher power. What that higher power is I do not know, but if He/She/It loves me as is claimed in most organised religions it will accept me as I am. So I have adopted beliefs from several religions that suit my needs to help guide me in life. Who is to say that my beliefs are any more right or wrong than those of organised religion other than my beliefs are not published and there is no church or temple to aid in the promotion of them.

    I do respect others that find that it helps them to follow organised religion and gladly talk with them about it. Since neither one of us actually know the truth the sharing of ideas may help each of us with our personal growth.
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        May 1 2012: I just wanted to follow up with some of the people and other things that inspired me in my path. Some more than others and most not affiliated with or trying to promote religion.

        George Carlin - He does a bit on God. The intent of bit really states there is no God, but what I took from it is that God did not exist as is written. Carpin points out a lot of the contridictions I speak of. If listened to with an open mind some of it may make sense.

        South Park Movie - I am sure at least a few of you are stumped, but there is one line by David Spades character as the Greeter in hell that sums up a lot. As the boys enter hell Spade says something to the effect of "Ok, the Mormans got it right and can go to Heaven, everyone else follow me". This truly speaks to my point of no one knowing the right path.

        Joel olstein - I am sure I spelled it wrong. I am not an avid follower or even a follower at all, but I have tuned in from time to time. While my belief is that he promotes Christianity, he does not drill it it or force it upon you threatening eternity in hell for disobeying. When I listen to Olstein I hear him talk about Morales, doing good and helping your fellow man. Again those concepts and teachings are shared by many organised religions.

        I am sure there are others, but those are the ones that came to mind while making this post.

        However, when looking for God to talk to you try looking in unobvious places. Listen to music, read books and watch movies. Just have the ability to decipher it. For me many country songs teach morales and in movies Morgan Freeman's roles tend to come to mind. My point with this is if you were "God" today and spread your word, how would you do it? David Karesh (sp) claimed to be the son of God and we laughed him off, so as a people was would not be accepting of the "return".

        Just more to think about.
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    Apr 30 2012: That was a pleasure to read your writing with very touching music on the background.
    'I think either truth is as much apparent as the surface of Ocean, right in front of eyes... ' - but 'Fish is the last to discover water'.
    I am not sure about that one truth. Even though the overall truth would be able to exist, it would probably disappear, like - if everyone/thing would be equally beautiful/ugly, no one would be beautiful/ugly, in fact, no perception of this measure would exist.
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    Apr 30 2012: Simply Noor,
    I think we need to differentiate religious fundamentalism from spiritual growth. The devil likes religious fundamentalism because it leads people to do terrible things in the name of their god. Spiritual growth leads people to question their motives.

    The fact that certain religions took root, doesn't mean that they are the only right path. They all have the same basic principles; establish rules for peace and harmony, seek guidance from a higher power, learn to distinguish right from wrong. Hard core fundamentalists take it to extremes. They establish the guidelines of right and wrong based on what benefits them as a group. They narrow it down to survival. It is right to demoralize competitors. It is right to kill infidels. It is right to punish those who violate the rules as they see them.

    The rules of ancient religion were established to prevent self destruction. They were necessary to avoid disease and promote social cohesion. Certain rules were written in stone because they promote peace and harmony throughout successive generations. But aside from the rules, there was the need to grow spiritually.

    I like your analogy of jumping into the ocean and searching the waters. We have to have an open mind. We have to be willing to question things including what our religion is telling us. We have to seek understanding, not just believe.

    Modern science has led many to abandon their faith. They never saw faith as open ended, they only saw the narrow corridor that was preached to them. Once they leave it behind, there is plenty of literature to criticize existing belief systems to keep them at bay. How do you get them to see the light? Only by revealing the light. People will listen to those who show a more excellent way. They will not listen to those who act or preach forcefully. Love and forgiveness will soften hearts. Guns and violence will only harden them.
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    Apr 30 2012: The simple truth about religions is one, we make our children to feel and follow certain things, without even judging the bad implications of them on our own. We are clubbed in a society where we are forced to follow so many things, which we ourselves could not accept fully. Every truth is obviously inside us only, as long as our eyes are open, this world is existing, it will vanish in a blink otherwise. Its because of our perceptions, most of the time borrowed from others, we keep on searching for things which do not need immediate attention.