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Kindness is contagious.... Why not have a "World Kindness Day". What is the one single thing you would do on that day and its ripple effect.

We all have known to some extent that happiness cannot be got by focusing on self. So why not spread some joy around the world by giving some of what you might have and what someone else might be missing.

Just throwing out an idea of having a "World Kindness Day" where everyone can do ONE act of random kindness. As a result, just imagine what could happen, when all the people in the world become Angels for one day and only act of kindness can shift the whole world into a brighter more happier world.


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  • May 2 2012: I really do bealive that people are good.....even if all of us have our dark side
    sme may say that it is no need to have such a special day as a Kindnees day....and maybe we don't . most of the time this becomes superficial
    there is no time, no place to be kind....it is whenever and wherever.
    But people can learn to be kind. Can learn to look around and see that it is not only themselves. Cause maybe sometimes we simply forget to be kind because of the worries, of the rush. So...we can teach the others by being kind.
    Even a smile it is an act of kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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