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Kindness is contagious.... Why not have a "World Kindness Day". What is the one single thing you would do on that day and its ripple effect.

We all have known to some extent that happiness cannot be got by focusing on self. So why not spread some joy around the world by giving some of what you might have and what someone else might be missing.

Just throwing out an idea of having a "World Kindness Day" where everyone can do ONE act of random kindness. As a result, just imagine what could happen, when all the people in the world become Angels for one day and only act of kindness can shift the whole world into a brighter more happier world.


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  • May 1 2012: I don't really agree that kindness MUST be spontaneous. We all get lost in our everyday lives and often overlook simple "random acts of kindness". I would support the idea whole-heartedly as a way to make people think about it. (Anybody from Hallmark out there? Great opportunity!) Maybe if we are reminded of it once a year we may think about it more often? Or, at the very least, cause a "kindness season" so to speak?

    As far as the ripple effect that any one act of kindness may cause.... Now that I would say is best left untouched. At best I would hope that it just makes another person whom observed my act perform a similar (or even bigger, better) act.

    Thanks for sharing.
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      May 2 2012: Ryan, if you get the chance, watch the video that Vidya provides a link to.

      Kindness is a quality that we humans have. To say you need a day to "remind" you to be kind is utter -----think about what you are saying.

      Daily, people who are kind, act on behalf of others, unselfishly and spontaneously. They hold elevator doors open, they pick up a dropped object, they let you know you have toilet paper sticking on the bottom of your shoe, they remind you that you left your lights on, they give you a call to see how you are coming along if you are sick, they write a sympathy card to someone who has lost a loved one.

      Hallmark makes lots and lots of cards for people who are kind and love giving cards for no apparent reason........they do it just because........

      We have to be "aware" that we have a choice to be kind. You may choose not to be kind because you are absorbed in your own troubles and worries. But this doesn't mean you are not a kind person.

      I really hope you watch the video.

      Kindly sending you a big hello and thanking you for your comment,


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