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How do we lessen the gap between the rich and the poor?

Economic and social disparity is quite apparent in third world countries such as the Philippines. We hear that education is the key to a better future and may perhaps shorten that gap between the rich and the poor. We see however, men and women who are school drop outs but became completely successful in business and other lucrative fields. Thus, aside from education, what is there that can contribute to the alleviation of poverty? Is there anything cultural, psychological, philosophical or whatever factor that makes the rich become richer, and the poor become poorer? How do we lessen this gap between the rich and the poor?


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  • Apr 30 2012: The key word is compitition. Compitition between rich and rich makes both them richer. Compitition between poor and poor makes both of them poorer. Life of a person living in a large poor community will degrade further as there is huge compition among poor people to be poor.

    Mixing poor and rich people in an area improve lives of poor people.
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      Apr 30 2012: Thank you for your comment. I do however, disagree on your point of view about competition. Competition among rich people in retail business for instance would result to lower prices. The poor benefits. This means that poor people would be able to afford those products with lower prices.

      Competition among the poor? Isn't is that in competition there will be a winner as well as a loser. I don't see anyone shortchanged in competition because in the long run, competition would elevate quality. Win-win in the end.
      • Apr 30 2012: You are right in your context where retailers are rich and customer is poor. Just think about the opposite scenario where retailers are poor and the customer is rich. Prices go down with competition and poor people lose.

        To know my context, read the last section (Advantages of making people rich) of the article "Poverty" at http://www.complexproblems.in/

        The poverty-line concept is discouraged in this article.

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