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What is the greatest way to unlock the full potential of an individual?

This world is not entirely caring for a single man, but a bundle of people; however, certain men become great man. There must be a trend on how this is happening. If so, then, what is this trend of greatness that allows limitless potential?


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  • Apr 30 2012: Read "Formula of concentration and capability" to get perfect answer at the following link.

    • May 1 2012: What is your definition of a great man?
      • May 1 2012: I have not thought about this as I believe that every person is God (http://www.complexproblems.in/Spirituality.htm). I mean, every person is the best and the greatest. You never know the abilities, knowledge and inherent potential of a person till he/she shows it out. Just because somebody is not showing, we cannot underestimate.

        For sake of definition, I define a great person as "A person who defines a purpose for his/her life and works for it".
        • May 1 2012: Thank you for your input. Please inform other TED members about this conservation. Have a great day.

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