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With acute shortage of LPG , Can Induction cook tops/Electrical Stove be an alternative fuel for cooking??

In India,cooking fuel( LPG ) is in constant demand, A cylinder of 14 kilos costs some where nearly 400INR (8$) . With limited supply of LPG cylinder and high demand for the LPG fuel,Can we make Induction cook tops as an alternative for cooking .
We need to think of an induction cook top that can handle aluminium vessel too since western countries use electrical stoves to cook food, cant we do the same ? An investment of 3000INR for electrical stoves is gonna be worth it ... :)

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    Apr 29 2012: .
    Hi Bharath, I have been looking at the same problem.

    There are some inconveniences:

    (1) even though induction cooktops are efficient as such, producing electricity and getting it to people is not. (Even in the US, a natural gas cook stove remains more energy efficient on a source-to-end-user base).

    (2) they don't work with aluminium pots, and most people in developing countries use those. So you'd have to replace cooking ware too.

    (3) you can't take them off-grid to non-electrified rural zones; if you do, you need a huge set of solar panels, about 6 to 8m², and batteries, just to cook for 2 hours a day on a single 1500W plate, which is grossly expensive for most people

    So it seems that for the time being, gas is more appropriate to most developing countries, unless electricitty is available for cheap, and hopefully generated from renewables.
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      Apr 29 2012: That was some really good insights Laurens. if LPG is so important we need to look for bio gas(I am guessing because , thats the only option available )...Bio gas is cheaper ,Atleast when there is a fuel price hike in our country, there is drastic hike in price of LPG and supply is very less compared to demand....

      But if we are able to run homes from solar inverters, electricity generated by them can be used for running induction cook tops and eventually electricity is not going to be the mains which is supplied to us

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    May 1 2012: Bharat,
    I've also been looking at bottling biogas. Unfortunately, the few people interested in this, are looking at cleaning the CO2 out of the biogas, before bottling. This makes it a very expensive affair.

    Wouldn't it be better just to bottle biogas in its unrefined state? A household could use a bottle for, say, two weeks, instead of a month. But the price would be much lower than purified biogas.