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I recently read Ricardo's "On Wages." Earler I read Malthus. Now wirth seven(7) billion people Marx is still big. Why did we grow so stupid

average weekly wages adjusted for inflation in the United state have been
falling since 1973. The states where people live are in bad shape, and poverty in America is rising. Social mobility has declined, and education levels are
beginning a sharp decline. This is an anti-Renaisance. After hitrting zero population growth., business interests have pressed to add almost a hundred
million people, and we have failed to maintain new infastructure or build the needed new roads. we've become an economically open economy instead of
a slosed one. these same people were telling us how terrible things would
be in china when they did the opposite. duh| Of course India had the sad
assination of IIndiraGandhi during the same period when she was trying to
control population. Does some sort of bizarre Marxism exist in weird places
after it destroyed Eastern Europe. Why do politicians in both parties in the
U>S>A> seem to argue about the wrong numbers. There are seven(7) billion
people in the world now. why not help instead of heading for the bottom, too.