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After mastering a musical instrument, what comes next?

It takes time to learn playing a musical instrument. In the process you will always have something to play from someone.
But the problem is after like 15 or 20 years, how do you keep playing? The books are finished. Should we improvise or compose? I think we are somehow trapped inside our minds. How do we get out of it to find new ideas to play?


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  • Apr 30 2012: gosh, suppose you are tone deaf of something. My experience. move on to something else besides
    music. Of course, just fun is not like classical music training. If you know music and are just awful or
    bored. You can play a piano from a fake book, play azithe, play a flute, or try to play a kazoo. gosh.
    if you are like me and have no rhythm. don't highlight it. I have a funny story from the U>S> Marine Corps
    about me. Of ourse, Carl Jung does write about this common problem. Read Strength finder, whidh
    is ab interesting book.

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