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After mastering a musical instrument, what comes next?

It takes time to learn playing a musical instrument. In the process you will always have something to play from someone.
But the problem is after like 15 or 20 years, how do you keep playing? The books are finished. Should we improvise or compose? I think we are somehow trapped inside our minds. How do we get out of it to find new ideas to play?


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    Apr 28 2012: If you've mastered your instrument and played it for audiences to enjoy, teaching others what you know best regarding your musical experiences comes next. I believe you can find motivation to keep playing from the growth of your potential music students.
    • Apr 29 2012: Yes, if one enjoys mastering something, then think of the possibility of new enjoyment helping others to find the same. Pass it on!
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      Apr 29 2012: Thats for your Comment,
      I agree. Teaching is very joyful. But the problem is after sometime the whole teaching process makes you a trainer, and then you can just improve you teaching skills not playing skills. I tried concerts too, but soon I got cold feet again.
      Do we have any other idea to know more about the music? How to pass the borders of learning?

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