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How we can conserve water in rural areas of India which will effectively work and have low cost....??

In India rural area are very much populated so to conserve water effectively so that the people of that area can use it and which should have low cost because in rural areas the people who are living in that area don't have much money....

  • Apr 30 2012: The deatrh of Indira Gandhi was one of the worst events in the 20th century I read it was
    related to modest attempts to control population. Dhat for the long term as you imply. I am
    sure that the great souls in our Ag schools and the IIT are working on that problem. But water
    wells, cisterns, etc. have very real limits. I need to read Hernando De soto of Peru's book
    sometime. Co-ops would seem the way to really build a water system, but how do we see
    the average person in India has the money to do this. People here criticize the school lunch
    program until they are told the Army is responsible. Only governments dan really so dome of this.