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Can we heal self and society by reweaving our tattered nets?

We live divided by myriad perceptions and realities.

Intricate tapestries are woven by so many interconnected webs, including those present on the internet and online forums like TED. Still dispirit, dissonant, disorienting forces meanwhile, by intent or accident, unravel the increasingly fleeting connections.

Mary M's plaintive point illustrated the layers of disconnect, in my Q.

"Religion divides us. Ethnicity divides us. Culture divides us. Politics divides us. Socio-economic backgrounds divides us. Intellect divides us. Gender divides us," Mary said. Then asked:

"What unites us?"

TED presenter Jaime Lubin's answer, which I've edited here, provides clarity:

"To build the community we have to start from ourselves, as individuals," Jaime began.

"Human structures are rigid because the social building is made from persons. When persons wear masks, or act as superficial simulations, so social infrastructures become facades, too." He went on:

"But community is a net, not a static building or institution. A net is fluid and flexible, yielding to change and differences in environment. Yet strong and encompassing and able to hold tremendous diversities and weights, too. A net, in turn, is made from individual strands, separate until woven together. But before and after interconnection, still strong and flexible, each in its own way.

Individual comes from the Latin 'IN DIVIDERE.' It means impossible to divide. Thus when many individuals are put together the effects of flexibility and strength is amplified, maximized. And, this is important: visibly so.

In this net, no superficial facades hide structural immutabilities or the foundational cracks weakened by hidden dependencies.

So here is the Q --

How do we heal and reweave our selfs as individuals both strengthened and also given strength through our interconnection with many others in our cultures and societies.


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  • May 2 2012: What an interesting thread, I really like what Laurens said about getting away in intimate groups. The diversity in our society does keep us separate in many ways, but I think this comes from fear. I can only speak of western culture as that is what I know best. People in general are afraid of everything, what they eat, what they say and think, the sun, the air, the economy.... this fear has been fed by the media, government, family, friends. It keeps us from being true to ourselves, let alone others. I work with people to heal and release their fears. The number one fear is actually of being happy and loving yourself. How selfish of you to enjoy life and think of yourself, this is what is taught to children in so many ways. These children become adults who believe they have to put themselves last. Over time they disconnect from themselves and and the personal net is destroyed, which is reflected in society. If society is the net, each person is a piece of that net. Reweave the net one person at a time. Feel love and kindness for yourself and you will have an abundance to share. A simple way to begin, imagine the person you love most in the world and feel the same love for yourself.
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      May 5 2012: jenni....nice words...."...a simple way to begin, imagine the person you love most in the world and feel the same love for yourself.....nice words.....

      then in your own idea trail I dare to suggest tha hard way "imagine the person you don't love most, and forgive yourself...
      This simple action is the hardest to do. Tattered nets are easy to rip off, but reweaving it loving and forgiving is sublime and a highest summit to reach......exclusively for spiritual athletes.
      • May 5 2012: Hi Jaime
        The hard way is where so many people, in my experience, get bogged down when applying "new age" concepts. There is a tremendous amount of focus on forgiveness, which doesn't sound bad. In love, all is forgiven, therefore the simple way, FEEL love for yourself (this is very different from just thinking or saying "I love you.me") It is really amazing what happens in this energy. As you vibrate from a level of self-love, your piece of the net becomes whole and affects the pieces adjacent creating a domino effect, the net reweaves itself and heals seemingly effortlessly. Try this and watch what happens in your family.

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