Lorraine Owen

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What do you think of the idea that the Universe has a process similar to plate tectonics.

As an artist, I feel that there are a finite amount of forms or templates, so to speak, in the natural world. The same with processes. We do not have any idea of all of the Templates or processes. Also, either of these things, templates or processes, may be used in infinite ways and combinations. Coupling this notion with the adage, "as above, so below", I think that Black Holes may be subduction zones in space. That is, that matter pulled into the singularity is converted into Space at some other location. Not another dimension; rather another location. And that that process is a contributing factor to the expansion of the Universe.

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    Apr 28 2012: I like your idea,a lot of people believe we are in a blackhole,some believe the universe curves in on itself.
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      Apr 29 2012: Thanks. I think it may be a way to recycle the material of space, so to speak. Everything, every single thing is in motion on several levels. Why not the fabric of space?