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What are some optimal professions for introverts?

Since introverts don't hate people, but merely choose to recharge and reflect by oneself, which professions allow plenty of room for solitary contemplation and reward the true innovation that rises out of that?


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  • May 23 2012: I notice that most people have cited their own profession as the optimal profession for introverts, but as an introvert I still see some challenges in those fields. I don't think its a problem for introverts to find an optimal profession, but to find a way to succeed in any profession they choose when there's an obvious advantage to being an extrovert. There are many professions that are perfect for an introvert like me, but in a country where the ideal is to be extroverted there are many opportunities that I may not get offered because I don't "stand out" as much as the extrovert. The optimal profession for an introvert must be anything that allows them to be alone, but more importantly something that they can accomplish at a superior level, in order for the quality of their work to reflect their skill, rathern than self-promotion.
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      May 23 2012: And this has always bothered me. Especially in school, the students who are best in group situations are more highly recognized for their abilities than an introvert. The extrovert might not actually be better at or more passionate about the subject, but the introvert is less vocal, and therefore less likely to be recognized for their success.

      The extrovert will say that selling yourself is an important skill too. I have to ask, why? Because extroverts say so? I understand that extroverts are in the majority, but making extroversion a necessary skill for success in all subjects stunts our growth as a society by at least partially disregarding the contributions that some very insightful people can offer.

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