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What are some optimal professions for introverts?

Since introverts don't hate people, but merely choose to recharge and reflect by oneself, which professions allow plenty of room for solitary contemplation and reward the true innovation that rises out of that?


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    May 20 2012: Because introversion is a minority trait in humans (about 20%), and because it is often confused with shyness, many unconfident (shy) extroverts consider themselves to be introverted. Likewise, many social introverts don't understand their need for solitude because they enjoy social activities. The only true test is if you need considerable solitude to "recover" from social exposure (whether you enjoyed the social exposure or not). Dorothy Rowe, the Australian Psychologist, writes about introversion and extroversion in her many books. Another useful author is Elaine N. Aron, the American psychotherapist who investigated the traits of Highly Sensitive People.

    I used to consider myself to be an extravert. I only realised I was a social introvert when I found I couldn't take the strain of being around people - even though I enjoyed, and needed, some social contact. I need six hours per day (the whole evening) to regain my equilibrium after social exposure.

    I volunteer part time as a cook/housekeeper and I'm a beekeeper as well. I'd like to get to the position of being a full time beekeeper - much less social interaction.
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      May 23 2012: I agree. The stigma that there are just some things that introverts can’t do is falsely based on the confusion between introversion and shyness. An extrovert is socially simple; more is better. Also, extroverts are much more common in the human race and they are socially dominant. So, it is easy for an extrovert to lump the two kinds of rare people together (shy and introverted) based on the one trait that they share, which is the thought that more social interaction is not always better.

      Introverts are like left-handed people. There are fewer of them and it often surprises people of the majority when they come across one. Also, like left-handedness, introversion is considered undesirable, or even evil, because the people of the majority don’t know how to react to it or deal with it.

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