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What are some optimal professions for introverts?

Since introverts don't hate people, but merely choose to recharge and reflect by oneself, which professions allow plenty of room for solitary contemplation and reward the true innovation that rises out of that?


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    May 16 2012: Introverts prefer to journey inward than outward. Meeting new people could be more rewarding than engaging with one's own-self every time. I would say best profession for 'introverts' could be centuries old profession of inventors. Invent something so that the world remembers you gratefully always. For instance look for a Facebook substitute.
    • May 16 2012: I agree with you in many ways. For me there is no better experience than know people, of all kinds. But that is the way I am. However, I believe that each person and each life are singularities. At some point, no general rule cna be applied. With regards to the easynessof being a writer or an engineer, I also think it is very relative. There is only one Shakespeare as well an Albert Einstein. To be remembered by mankind means to offer a very special, outstanding and durable contribution. but it is not easy, both fro a writer or a ingenious inventor. so, whta I believe is essential is that each person dedicates to understand better his/hers own "singularity" and developed it fully. In the end, this could be the very purpose of life and people. Finally, despite the respect all the introverts deserves and human beings, I agree with you that, beyoond any doubt, one way to "live the max" is to live in harmony and freedom, without masks. with as many people as we can.

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