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What are some optimal professions for introverts?

Since introverts don't hate people, but merely choose to recharge and reflect by oneself, which professions allow plenty of room for solitary contemplation and reward the true innovation that rises out of that?


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  • May 15 2012: There are writers and writers. For example, when I have to write a note to my secretary or one of my employees, I have something to write: a short message, usually - but it does not make me a writer. If anyone that have "something" to write is a writer, so I am glad to be one. But the point here is not play with words. Introversion is the subject. And I am still convinced that writing could be a good profession for an introverted person. writer is one that came to my mind, but there are others, for sure. Fortunately there are many talented introverted people delivering amazing pieces of work. We can quote many examples, I've just tried to express my opinion in a single word, and now we are here writing so many words... Unfortunately, I need to go back to my spreadsheets and reports... Cheers!

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