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What are some optimal professions for introverts?

Since introverts don't hate people, but merely choose to recharge and reflect by oneself, which professions allow plenty of room for solitary contemplation and reward the true innovation that rises out of that?


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  • May 13 2012: Writer...
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      May 14 2012: Writers that are worthy of the name have lived life to the max
      • May 15 2012: Well... you've raised two interesting questions: (1) what is "live the life to max"? and (2) Can't an introvert live the life to max? In first place, what means live the life to the max: is a sensorial experience or a sensitive journey? Is it about quantity or quality? Doing or observing? Releasing or setting free? What kind of space a writer shall explore? If "to live life to the max" means an intense "sensual" experience, in psychoanalytic meaning, don't it seems to be too absorbing to left room for the task of writing? Besides, I think that even the "life-intensive" writters need a lot of introspection to tell teir stories. It seems to me that even the most extroverted person needs an "introversion period" to became a writer. No matter what the kind of experience, sentiment or idea he/she intends to put in writing. May be I am wrong, but I've seem lots o people who had all kinds of intense experiences that they are not able to transmit to the others with art and feeling, simply because they didn't understood their own doings. What I call experience is about one's processing the his/her own doings, observations and sensations in the higher levels of conscience. and emotions. A writer would be someone capable to transmit the result of this process with art and style. May be I am wrong, but I still believe that introspection is one necessary (not sufficient) condition to be a writer, may be not. Let's leave the life the better we like and feel. There is something else about being a writer, the master of the language. it is obvious I can't be writer in English, so accept in advance mh apologies for any language mistakes.
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          May 15 2012: Luciano

          Your over thinking it. A writer has to have something to write about. More often than not they have had a lot of experiences to write about.
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          May 16 2012: Hi Luciano, Its good to see your views about 'live to max'. please see my humble attempt at resolving this riddle. Well firstly the phrase applies strictly at a personal level. A person who wish to live life to max would have defined her/his 'max' level. I am not sure if Shakespeare did get to live to max. Listening to Steve jobs's address on Ted, i felt as if he also did not think that he lived to max although in my opinion he certainly did. Personally i think that writing profession is overrated. Writing is easier than inventing a combustion engine or building pyramids of Giza or creating a google.

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