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Do you see any valuable potentials in Landscape design/ Landscape Architect?

How much more can Landscape design contribute to climate change and to gain more understanding? Landscape design/ Landscape architect is very under rated. Or not even known what it is. Majority of people will probably know Landscape design as Garden Design, in the UK and Japan as I know of at least.
Landscape design can be psychologically change people's behavior and lifestyle by placing right things at right place to give people certain emotion.
I always wanted to discuss how much more Landscape designers can contribute to achieving sustainable life, or may be more simple and Earth-friendly life. I have been educated at University how to design landscapes and importance of ecology, but not much about what is needed in order to adapt climate change or urban life because we are not ecologist or scientist but my interest have always been in the climate change.
I like to ask if any other sector have seen potential value in landscape design, and if so what kind of potential?
Apologies for long essay I have just wrote, but I really liked to ask this question for a long time because I see lots of potential in Landscape design.


Closing Statement from Coco Okamoto

I had same discussion on Land8 (Landscape institute) website.
It was interesting and yet people have not disagreed or against me as I expected.
Some lines I have dropped:
Landscapes can be designed like an architecture. It is a space, with people, and elements, and environment. But the thing is, it is not a puzzle that can be moved around and fit into places just for the comfort spatially. It is more like reversi (the game). If something goes wrong in such a small space, that can change a whole thing. I am looking at more of positive side so it means that one little thing can change a whole thing as a system.
Now the point is that this system i am talking about needs a whole networking. So everyone needs to have an awareness in this point.

I am only a graduate student so I wanted to discuss and ask about this idea with all sorts of people from environmental manager to economic planner. Now I wonder what those people think...
Do you think collaboration may be the way?

external link: http://land8.com/forum/topics/do-you-see-any-valuable-potentials-in-landscape-design-landscape

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  • Apr 29 2012: I strongly believe that the following talk should be related to this conversation:
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      Apr 30 2012: Great talk Enrico...thanks for providing the link. I do not understand why your topic "What is the real missing link in renewable energy" got closed down!!! I think the missing link is our creativity.

      Michael brings up some very good ideas..."look at nature as a catalogue of products"..."ideas from biology and nature can be design tools"..."turn waste into an opportunity"..."how can I/we create more value"? Creating the "loop" as he says, provides better use of our resourses, while also creating more sustainable products, jobs, AND protecting our environment! It's a win/win situation that makes SO much sense in so many ways!
    • May 2 2012: Hello Enrico, thanks for the link. I have seen this when it came out. I have always come across with those great ideas related to much more with science (Biology and ecology mostly) and made me want to just study science instead of landscape architecture/ design. Same to permaculture.
      The main reason I brought this topic is because I thought Landscape design or the purpose of learning landscape architecture is because we need to understand something much further (I am sorry but I don't know what yet of course!) Applying scientific solution and investigating on landscape is absolutely great I think, but just because I had some time to think, I thought there may be some significant connections in all those great designs that I have not noticed.

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