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Is War A Necessary Evil?

Thomas Robert Malthus discovered that the human population is grows exponentially and if it where to continue in such manner, we would run out resources. Therefore it's necessary for a certain number of humans to die so we can keep the balance. So would that make war a necessary evil?

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    Mar 11 2011: A good example of "ends justifiying means", although I must disagree as I'm quite certain that we can find other ways of keeping the human population under control.

    A great talk on this topic is
    Hans Rosling explains why in order to check population growth we must raise living standards for the world's poorest populations.
    Looking at the already developed countries today and expecting the developing ones to also have such demographic changes human population will eventually reach an all-time high during this century but will then either flatten out or even begin to decrease. Exactly what will happen depends on how the developing countries will do, but I doubt that continuous exponential growth is plausible.
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      Mar 11 2011: Hi Sabin,
      No i dont support war in any way, shape or form. I just wanted to hear what people have to say.
      And i completely agree with you that we can find other ways to control the human population.

      Thanks for the link, i will definitely take a look at it and get back to you.
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    Jun 26 2011: I think War is a plague that has infected the populations since a long time but that we have reached a sufficient level of technology where War can no longer be utilized to solve problems without creating an even greater problem.

    I think we must bring World Peace by peaceful means at all cost, but not at the cost of human lives.

    We must do everything we can to prevent the next World War.
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      Jun 26 2011: You make an interesting point: "we have reached a sufficient level of technology where War can no longer be utilized to solve problems"

      Wouldn't that be ironic, to say the least?!

      I don't think we've reached that point yet, but will definitely reach a point where we will have to re-invent war, re-invent ways to hurt others. Even today war has shifted from "conventional" warfare (uniforms, armies, etc.) to something much more amorphous.

      Power will find a way to stay in power.
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        Jun 26 2011: I have said "we have reached a sufficient level of technology where War can no longer be utilized to solve problems """without creating an even greater problems""" ".

        There is no need to re-invent war, war cannot change it stays war. We need to find a way to make peace more powerful than war and that will bring war to it's grave.

        To make war obsolete.
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          Jun 27 2011: How could I ever disagree with you??!! I don't!!!

          I think war/agression is perhaps the worst attribute that can be placed on the male gender. I think war is an invention of men. I think warring is an expression that is unique to men in general and to those men in power in particular.

          Women are peace. How long will men deny that??? Do men really want peace??? Giving women the power to lead will release men from their aggressions and they can be free to do the things we do best, whatever that might be (Love?).
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        Jun 28 2011: Well of course war was in the past a men affair, but today women are also trained as soldiers. Giving women the power could certainly help, but i doubt war would disappear tomorrow even if only women would be in power.

        No to make war disappear, we need to rewrite the laws and reform the system, the whole economy. Ideally it would be easier if all the nations could agree to reform to a new global system, where profiting from wars is impossible.
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    Mar 13 2011: No. Just an evil that needs to be grown past and Hans Rosling's work clearly illustrates that the research you are refering to is outdated.
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    Mar 12 2011: I think today's level of technology is capable of creating near-abundance for humans, by efficient and sustainable use of resources. But the current established systems of economics, education and society are pulling us back from reaching that state of abundance. I do not think the human population right now has crossed the earth's carrying capacity.. so my answer is Yes war is evil and no it is not at all necessary.
    • Mar 12 2011: I must say I agree with you to an extent. The human population is growing exceedingly fast, but it has not reached that breaking point. War is evil, yet it is necessary. It is the outcome of disagreement and hatred people have of one another. If a terrorist were to attack, we must act despite how we feel on the matter. We must defend our country, families, and freedom.
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        Mar 13 2011: I understand your point. There is no choice but to defend our kin from violence and injustice. But my question to you why is there a disagreement between people? Why the hatred? Does a terrorist attack for no rhyme or reason? I personally think that the reason each time is resources, natural resources on which our survival is hugely dependent. Be it oil, food, land, water, cotton, people, anything.. if we can solve the issues of resource distribution and management, I think war will become extinct itself.
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      Jun 26 2011: 97% of what they teach in history class might be wars. but in reality, human history is the history of gradual improvement in knowledge, technology, culture, economy and accumulated wealth. wars only destroyed all this, but never added anything.
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    Mar 15 2011: In some cases war isn't really needed. BUT some wars were important and required in history. An example . . .

    The war between the North and the South over Slavery - At that time people in the North were protesting over slavery and wanted it to stop. Therefore a war was started. Many people did die, but after it there was no more slavery (Just discrimination) I think this war wasn't evil because it helped free slaves in the end. (Well the aftereffects of the war, not sure about just the war and fighting)
  • Mar 11 2011: War is never a good thing especially when you have huge amounts of people that can sit down at a table & talk things through intelligently & peacefully. Many people are trying very hard to raise standards in undeveloped countries but they can't do it alone-it takes a whole caring world effort.