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Has anyone else been affected by the TED virus?

I came upon the TED app several weeks ago and I cannot put the Kindel down. I get irratable when the battery runs low. I frantically search for my smart phone to listen to more talks. I cannot wait till I get home to get on the computer to get involved in the TED conversations. I explain to my wife that this is mind expanding but she thinks I already have a big enough head. Other web sites that I engage in have regularly been referencing the TED site. Now my grandchildren are all abuzz about the new TED-ED. Has anyone else experienced this fever? If you have a video that bolws your mind , please share it , thanks. Here are a few of mine.


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    May 20 2012: I am only 18, but keeping up with TED talks has really changed my life. I had myself convinced that I was falling behind and never catching up. TED tought me how I learn, and opened my mind to countless thoughts. I've shared videos with my teachers, friends, and social networking sites. I even got my girlfriend completely addicted as well. TED improved my understanding on a lot of topics that I didn't know existed, as well as tought me to be civil in debates and conversations. What a site. I am 110% addicted to TED!

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