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Has anyone else been affected by the TED virus?

I came upon the TED app several weeks ago and I cannot put the Kindel down. I get irratable when the battery runs low. I frantically search for my smart phone to listen to more talks. I cannot wait till I get home to get on the computer to get involved in the TED conversations. I explain to my wife that this is mind expanding but she thinks I already have a big enough head. Other web sites that I engage in have regularly been referencing the TED site. Now my grandchildren are all abuzz about the new TED-ED. Has anyone else experienced this fever? If you have a video that bolws your mind , please share it , thanks. Here are a few of mine.

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    May 20 2012: I am only 18, but keeping up with TED talks has really changed my life. I had myself convinced that I was falling behind and never catching up. TED tought me how I learn, and opened my mind to countless thoughts. I've shared videos with my teachers, friends, and social networking sites. I even got my girlfriend completely addicted as well. TED improved my understanding on a lot of topics that I didn't know existed, as well as tought me to be civil in debates and conversations. What a site. I am 110% addicted to TED!
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    Apr 28 2012: Ha! Guilty as charged. TED is the only place I've found where I can actually express myself. I can actually use the words that come into my head. I can use the format to clarify my thoughts, opinions, and ideas before I offer them. This is a great advantage for me as I must take time to gather my thoughts before responding - unlike in face-to-face conversation where one has to be quick. The issues discussed at TED I never get exposed to elsewhere. It's like going to a 'gym' for ideas. So yes, I too am 'infected by' and look forward to - and spend more time than I probably should - the discussions at TED.
    • Apr 30 2012: I completely agree with everything you said here.... "A 'Gym' for ideas" how clever!
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        R H

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        May 1 2012: Thanks Candice for your generous and kind response.
  • Apr 28 2012: I read it over and over........."I'm addicted to TED"

    I think that there is such little intellectually stimulating programs to watch on tv. And, sometimes the people around us are not great conversationalists, that for some of us, TED is a great place to expand our mind.......and interact with people who love to share their ideas and thoughts.

    Here in my home it is on it's way to being an epidemic.....LOL
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    May 27 2012: Yes, I get totally immersed...I spoke to one of my students who is very bright about how ideas and thinking make us feel...she said:' yes, I know when I'm REALLY thinking because it noticeably changes the way I feel, sometimes I tingle when I think!.' How amazing is that? She's right, and it's how TED makes me feel THROUGH thinking that's the real buzz. Anyone else feel the same?
  • May 23 2012: I am 16 and i got introduced by my brother and to be honest i cannot stop watching videos at ted. Even in my computer class i skip alot of my work just to watch ted. The most interesting one's for me were Perspective is Everything by Rory Sullivan and how to use a Paper Towel by Joe Smith.
    How to tie your shoes by Terry Moore was a really interesting one. One thinks that tying your shoe lace is something you know and are perfect at but these little details in life make you a polished personality.
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    May 4 2012: affected ?? well , i would say, i am addicted to TED.
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    Apr 30 2012: I have caught the virus! Or is it the cure? For me it started when I bought a Roku and tuned into the Ted Channel. To this point I had not heard of Ted and did not know what to expect. However I am a documentary fanatic and scrolling through the "Talks" there were some very intriguing ideas. Unsure of what to expect I selected one. To my dismay it was only 7 minutes long, so I selected another and another and on and on. I only discovered the Ted Online community today. All I can say is I am hooked. I have read and posted on topics that in any other forum would attract haters, bashers and flamers, but on here the topics are discussed with tact and dignity. Is that a "Virus" or a "Cure"? I for one feel much better.
    • May 1 2012: Ryan, for what it's worth, I have read your comments under other topics, and have enjoyed them quite a bit.

      Welcome to TED!!

      Read you around.
  • Apr 29 2012: A virus? Or maybe an enlightenment? I'm new to TED and I finally feel like I'm not alone in this world. I'm not a scientist or a philosopher, but I have always been a "deep thinker". Sometimes us "thinkers" end up feeling very alone. Always having had an intense interest in mathematics and science since I was young, I often read online and in books about physics research and developments. I'm a bit of a "closet geek" and  I find science to be thrilling. But in the past year of my life I have been deeply thinking about religion and faith. I find my son to be rather self-centered and unaware of the fact that he is part of something so much bigger than just himself. He has no concept of humanity. I wondered, how can I raise him to be a genuine good man, with strong morals and compassion? So I set out on my own personal quest. In the past year I read the Bible, the Torah, and I read 3 interpretations of the Qua'ran, (which I found to be entirely fascinating) I also read a few books on Buddhism. Finally I came to my own conclusion that all of these religions were basically "saying the same thing", I just didn't know how to put it into words. 
    I found TED only a few months ago while reading about Garrett Lisi's research on the "Theory of Everything". I clicked on a link to his TED talk, and since then I have listened to it, about 100 times before I could grasp it, and @ 70 other talks. At first mostly about science and Cosmology. Then, just last week, I thought to myself: 
    "I wonder if there are any 'TED talks' about religion?" The strong yearning inside of me about faith and how to define the existence of God has kept me up many nights. Yet, I scare people away if I try to discuss my ideas and thoughts. So I searched "religion" on the TED site and what a relief! I can't count how many "talks" I've listened to and said "Wow! that's just what I was thinking!!" or "That's what I've been trying to say" or "Ah-Ha Now I understand"
    All I can say is THANK YOU TED. 
    • Apr 29 2012: Hi Candice, I really enjoyed your detailed comment.

      Welcome to TED.

      Mary M.
      • Apr 30 2012: Thank you Mary,
        I know my comment was pretty long. I truly appreciate that you took the time to read it and listen to a piece of my story. We all have so much to learn. I feel that we are very fortunate that in this technological age we have the opportunity to independently educate ourselves by listening to all of these fantastic, intelligent, inspirational people speak about their research, discoveries and ideas. This sure beats reality TV. Hahaha