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    May 4 2012: Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you to you and your team for this great resource. I have used a a few videos and have now flipped my own. I am about to give a session in my department on how to use these as well as we use a lot of TED videos. I have a question and a suggestion:

    1-I am an English as a Second Language teacher so we also use the videos for language practice. We look at the content, we discuss the ideas so the areas at the moment are perfect for us but we need a language option in the BETA that we could manipulate for different questions and task types related to language as well as for real time discourse analysis. Is TED ED considering their use in English as a Second Language at the moment?

    2- Under the thinking section, when you create an open-ended question and you realise that you have made a mistake or need to reorder the questions you cannot re-edit the slides or move them around. This means that you either need to have perfectly scripted what you want to do or delete the whole thinking section and start again. Could there be more flexibility built into this part of the system as each time we review a material we change it based on the class, the students or what worked and what didn't.

    Thank you again for all you hard work on this project.

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      May 4 2012: Hi Sharon. So glad to hear that you're spreading the platform to the rest of your department! We're definitely considering how these videos might be used in ELA courses and are in the process of developing the translations option for the website. Regarding your feedback on the Dig Deeper section--we'll keep that in mind. Thank you! Look forward to hearing more about how you and your department use the TED-Ed website.

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