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    May 3 2012: i was at TEDxSummit (I live here in Doha!) when Chris teased the next phase of TED-Ed. In addition, I was also present in the TED-Ed session with Chris where he gave a detailed breakdown.

    Living here in Qatar where school curriculum and education systems, especially public and independent schools, are disjoint. One can evidently see the differences between students that have a significant advantage over another group, as their foundation learning is far more rigorous than another group that doesn't even encourage learning with curiosity or develop critical thinking.

    I'm hoping to get this circulated across the schools here by putting it under TEDxYouth@Doha, especially tap into a community that would create Arabic-related content for it - language is a barrier here at schools (some teach in Arabic but learning materials are not plentiful compared to English versions) and I hope that it may even help other countries in the Middle East region.

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