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    May 2 2012: First off, thanks for all of your work on this - the TED ED team should take a (short) breather to take a (long) bow!

    I saw this demo'd at TEDxSummit and am excited for what it can mean for reshaping delivery of education. As someone who has developed leadership and peer mentoring programming at a university, I can see and am planning several uses for TED ED.

    When it was launched, I flipped my first video: How To Make A Human Arabesque: The Making Of The TEDxSummit Video http://ed.ted.com/on/AOxez5KX

    and found it an intuitive process (there was some lag, but it could be my connection).

    I understand this is in beta, so kudos for getting it developed this far. My recommendations include:
    1) give us access to the multiple choice editor for youtube videos. I imagine that the challenge is how you link it to time segments? Perhaps as a first step, just allow us to create the multiple choice questions. This is useful to test factual knowledge (eg. did you actually watch the video)
    2) depending on where you plan on taking this, let us brand the videos through skinning a page ... I can imagine a lot of companies would be into this for training purposes.
    3) search function for video and flipped
    4) gaming aspects, like you've done for TED Translation
    5) let us link a series of videos into a logical sequence and let us export the results ... this would allow us to start building more serious curriculum
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      May 3 2012: Hi Ross! Great suggestions and feedback. And nice job flipping your TEDx video. We're working on your first comment and will hopefully be able to make that available after a couple months! Your other ideas are really interesting and we'll definitely be asking you and the TED community to build on some of these ideas over time. Thanks, and keep us updated on how flipping goes!

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