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The Reference Dawkins makes to the middle world could be continued. Into an infinite fractal geometry. Who advocates this possibility?

It seems to me that a fractal universe is possible and has been informally proposed by many renounced scientists and intellectuals. One I can vividly remember hearing is when Richard Feynman said maybe the whole universe is a single electron and it is moving super fast back and forward in time. The lack of empirical data does mean that this is just a idea. However I would like you to ask yourself how many ideas are true now that at one point in the past had no empirical data.


Closing Statement from Salim Huerta

I appreciate all the comments.
I would like you all to consider now the new theory in physics which describes universes existing in the singularity of black holes. It has actually become quite popular now. I contend that this would only be a possibility in a fractal universe. An infinitely expanding space (possibly) in a 1 dimensional singularity of 0 volume. Then so on and so forth it repeats, it is possible then that all the universes that have ever existed could exist in a 1 dimensional point in space. It's all about scale.
@edward long I do agree that a theory which implies fractal universes would not be proved by truth, but the untruth of any other possibility through empirical data.

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    Apr 28 2012: " the web of our life is of a mingled yarn,good and ill together" ideas too are good et ill

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