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Are the arts and humanities really going to be put back into core curriculum?

I've been hearing a lot about a movement to put the arts and humanities back into the core curriculum, and I'm wondering if this is being discussed at the school level yet, and also wondering how this will be funded. I'm worried that it will fall on teachers as a mandate without funding. Does anyone have any information/news? If you are a teacher, is this being discussed in your school?

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    Apr 28 2012: I'm hearing just the opposite. There's more and more push for students to be immersed in science and math. That we're 'falling behind' in science and math vs. other countries. Local school boards I'm familiar with find funds and other resources for those subjects, but 'humanities' subjects are cut. I'm familiar only with the public sector.
  • Apr 27 2012: Here in Florida they have never been removed.
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      Apr 28 2012: Florida is like an educational oasis of it's own, I hear! That's great news.
      • Apr 28 2012: I have heard Florida's educational system called many things............but never an "oasis".

        I'll have to pass that one on. But it's good to know that at least, when it comes to the arts, this state continues to back up our arts programs.

        Come on down............plenty of foreclosed homes to move into down here....=)
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          Apr 28 2012: I have also heard that after-school enrichment is funded by the state in Florida...hence my "oasis" comment. :) Is that true where you are? In Oregon, there are a few small options for really low-income areas, but for the vast majority of schools, enrichment remains parent pay, tuition-based. I run an after-school drama organization that serves 100 local schools, which sounds fantastic, but it's a lot of work to keep it available and affordable for families. I would like to see drama offered during the school day, but it is largely non-existent in elementary schools.
      • Apr 28 2012: Drama is taught starting in middle schools.

        However, I have seen the music and art teachers along with some creative homeroom teachers create some wonderful works.

        A few years back my niece was in the Mikkado......she was only in fifth grade.

        Teachers have alot of creative license.....it is usually when the administration of the school and the parents and teachers work hand in hand to enrich student learning.

        What I have seen Janea is that in Florida, like everywhere else, it is easiest to follow the path of least resistance. Thankfully some schools, and some teachers still love the arts, and find creative ways to expose children to it. Funding or no funding.
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    Apr 27 2012: In the public and private schools with which I have been involved in Washington State, these subjects have never been withdrawn from the curriculum, though students may not have art daily.