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Do we have choices in life?

Most of you will say yes, but i think the things we consider when making a choice are based on previous experiences (so i say no). So, does free will exist or are we slaves of the environment we grew up in, the education we recieved and the genes that we inharited?
I think that we must concentrate on the process of decison. What happens in our brian? What information is it being processed?
when i choose not to touch hot surface of the iron when it is plugged in, that is because my brain asociates it with pain based on previous experiences. if the process of decision is more complex, the brain analises other posibilities that derive as well from the previous experiences. So, again i ask, do we have choices. if, hipotetically, two babies cloed from the same subject are living two identical lives in two parallel diferent universes, when they are asked to pick a number between 1 and 10 at the same time, will they choose the same number?


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    Apr 27 2012: Firstly we must understand the meaning of the boundaries (the limitations in doing something) and from here we can see how far freedom can be expressed. There are two important things should be noted while talking about freedom.

    1. Thinking is activities by associating and connecting among associated proportionally, then tracing limits between them. “The will” in the search for opportunities will always be within logical framework. On this understanding will be emphasized that there is no thinking out of the logical framework.

    Logical framework based on axiomatic truth, and that means through it may be known the possibility of exploring within the framework of logic itself.

    2. The perfect free will is the ability to explore anywhere in a logical framework to determine how far free will can be realized, thus realizing the possibility of free will is by exploring the possibility from the smallest to the widest logical possibility that should never be failed.

    Actually we are exploring the possibilities free will to get the whole of the possibilities of free will that exist for us. It’s an opportunity, and we can put the concept of free will here.

    Imagine a basketball is being played by an untrained people - people A. This shows the freedom of moving the basketball as far as can be done by an untrained people generally. Now put this person A to another basketball trainer (assuming that person A will be trained by a basketball trainer and person A will get even more expertise in playing basketball). Then the basketball will experience freedom greater than before.

    For those who feel they have no free will, then he should link “the will” to something more powerful in the assumption to get more freedom than before.

    Do we have a choices in life? Yes, we have a choice as far as on whom we rely.

    For myself about choices, chances, free will, freedom and other similar, .. "I am free not because I have choices, but I am free because I rely on God with quality assured !"

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