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Do we have choices in life?

Most of you will say yes, but i think the things we consider when making a choice are based on previous experiences (so i say no). So, does free will exist or are we slaves of the environment we grew up in, the education we recieved and the genes that we inharited?
I think that we must concentrate on the process of decison. What happens in our brian? What information is it being processed?
when i choose not to touch hot surface of the iron when it is plugged in, that is because my brain asociates it with pain based on previous experiences. if the process of decision is more complex, the brain analises other posibilities that derive as well from the previous experiences. So, again i ask, do we have choices. if, hipotetically, two babies cloed from the same subject are living two identical lives in two parallel diferent universes, when they are asked to pick a number between 1 and 10 at the same time, will they choose the same number?


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    Apr 26 2012: I think we have free will, we choose the number. Society chooses the which numbers we can choose from.
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      Apr 27 2012: Hi Adriana,

      I really liked your response.

      It made me think of a multiple choice test. Sometimes, one of the choices is "all of the above", sometimes the choice is "none of the above"...........AND sometimes, we get the choice to write in our own reply, if none of the choices are to our liking.....

      Sometimes the things we can choose from can be altered.......A houte couture if you will.......I am frugal by nature......don't know why......one day we went to buy ice cream. I did not want to get one ice cream for myself, so I took the lid off the container of my child's ice cream and put some on there for me.

      As I was eating, another customer saw me and said, oh look they are making now smaller portions, I'm going to order one of those. I laughed and got up to explain it was my invention........he said it was an ingenious idea, that he had not though of doing it.
      Many times we have more choices than we think..........it takes a critical thinker to figure out these choices which are hidden from the simple eye.

      And yes Adriana, I agree with you..........we have free will...........we just have to realize that we must live with the consequences of our actions.

      And, as they say in spanish......."justos pagan por pecadores". Sometimes the free will of others infringe on our free will........so we end up paying a price for other's lack of love and empathy......like how peace loving people are oftentimes caught up in war torn countries, due to no fault of their own.

      Your simple comment made me think alot. Sorry if I rambled. Thank you again.

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