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For the several people who have not discovered their passion yet,just like me,confused without knowing what is a passion! what do we do?

At 27(my age) , with a less successful sales career and moderately successful soft skills training career, I am yet to discover what my passion is.I am really clueless as to what will give me happiness and success. Though i really like Public speaking and Behavioral training, i am not sure if that is what my heart wants to do.I am not sure if i will be successful if i choose this as my career.
From those who feel the same way like i do, i wish to hear from you.

  • Apr 27 2012: I have found that my attitude can make a huge difference, and that this can make a lot of what I do into a passion. For example, I detested the idea of teaching university undergraduate students. Yet, that was a requirement of my job (which I viewed, and still view as being research, not teaching). So, rather than just reluctantly go and start teaching in complete boredom, I have this thing about doing things right, so I started reading books about teaching methods. From how to teach large classes, to the role of teaching how to think. Whole new world. At the same time I used every introspection into figuring out why did the system work all right for me, yet not so well for my classmates (when I was a student). I knew that my classmates were no fools because I lived back then of helping them prepare for their tests (which should have hinted me that I could teach, but let's set that aside). Anyway, today, teaching undergraduates is among my favourite activities. It can be great. I have escaped the cynical way and embraced the responsibility of teaching, and that makes a huge difference in my quality of life.

    Of course, you have to learn to do things right. This takes a while, but it is not impossible. Also, doing things right, just doing what you are expected to do with self respect (yes, self respect, because when you do the minimum, barely the task required, you are making a fool of yourself, more than a fool of others, after all, who is there wasting precious time immersed in mediocrity?), again, doing what you are expected to do, will put you in amuck better position to finding your passions.

    So there: aim at doing things well, then you might find lots of things that can give you passion. Also, success is not about the money, but about enjoyment of life. Aim for that and you will not be disappointed.
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    Apr 29 2012: To find your passion - go out in life and have fun trying different activities. You'll find that you can connect and relate to some activities more than others. Pursue those interests and see where they lead.

    Few people are born being passionate about anything. Like any other skill or ability, passion requires work to find it and develop it. Some people come across a passion by accident. Others have to work years to discover something they click with. But the more pressure you put on yourself to 'find your passion' the more often it will elude you.

    Living a passionate life is a relatively new concept. For thousands of generations, humans were worried about keeping a roof over their heads and putting food on the table - not finding their passion . In the space of one generation, the concept of finding one's passion has taken over and now everyone is on the hunt for their 'passion'.

    The human conscious has ignored passion for thousands of generations for the sake of survival. Don't think that you're going to discover it in an instant. You've got to put in work...
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    Apr 29 2012: This is a great article I just read..on How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love
    Sever inspiring thought leaders on this topic,.. Im sure it will help you find yours!
  • Apr 28 2012: What a question! I believe we all are capable of having many passions, not just one. I think this is exactly why we have trouble dreaming up a career that will apparently satisfy our passionate yearnings. I found this to be true, and continue to do so, when it comes to two competing passions of mine - being a mum AND working in a job that I love. I'm also a passionate reader, passionate about what I eat and my health and so on. There isn't one career that will satisfy all of my passions.

    So how do you 'pick one' and go with it? You could start by looking at where you spend your time and you money. What is it you often find yourself talking about with friends. What movies do you like to watch. If you could have an impact, what would it be. Together, all of these might add up to a picture of you and your more obvious passions. They might tell a story of 'you'.

    When you do, as Gabo reminds us, look deeply into it and give it the attention it deserves.

    Don't forget, you can change direction many times.
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    Apr 27 2012: Interest can come from putting effort into something. Occasionally that develops into a passion. Boredom and frustration are almost inevitable when you allow half your brain to think that what you are doing is not what you really want to do. If you don't commit to what you are doing, you will never achieve satisfaction from it.
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    Apr 30 2012: We believe that you simply place yourself in an environment of people who have found their passions and discovered their purposes. See how they think, see what they do, and you'll soon be on your way of finding yours. It's like the principle of seeds and fruits. You can't just place a orange seed in any climate. They grow to their fullest potential in the right soil and climate. The same if for humanity.
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    Apr 29 2012: I feel the same way, i'm an undegraduate at the moment, and i was hoping to discover what my passions and interests were at university. I hoped, being in such an open and diverse environment, it would show me more of the things I would be interested in. That hasnt been the case so far, and im quite disappointed about that.

    However, I think we should keep exploring. I mean we've got nothing to lose; either we find an interest or we gain a new experience and narrow in on what we are actually interested in.
  • Apr 29 2012: To be honest, i feel the same way,like you know that there is something out there that you like and want to do but you just have not discovered it yet, like a void in you.Even though I am only 16 years old, I can understand waere you are coming from with this question.
    I personally feel that you should start or continue to experiment with new hobbies or activities like me.That is how I found my passion in Astronomy.I hear India is a great place for astronomy enthusiasts,maybe even search for astro interest groups i your area thank you
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    Apr 26 2012: I'm sure you've got many passions. But I bet most of them are inapropriate.
    I myself have a passion about doing very little, eating pizza and watching movies. And of course I'm passionate about drinking beer with mates.

    It took me a few years to accept the fact that I wasn't destined for an outstanding existence. But I'm just happy with it now.
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      Apr 27 2012: I don't know Gerald, I analyze that subconsciously you have a passion to spreading ideas if you are on Ted or at least you are interested in participating in conversations that could someday be world changing ideas. Maybe you influened a person to do/think something new. =)
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      Apr 29 2012: Thats the most genuine and humble msg i have ever read from a person. Hats off to you for writing that.. I am exactly like you. But i am committed to a high range life style which demands you know a lot of earnings too.. without passion i dont want to do a thing.. thats simply my issue now and then..