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For the several people who have not discovered their passion yet,just like me,confused without knowing what is a passion! what do we do?

At 27(my age) , with a less successful sales career and moderately successful soft skills training career, I am yet to discover what my passion is.I am really clueless as to what will give me happiness and success. Though i really like Public speaking and Behavioral training, i am not sure if that is what my heart wants to do.I am not sure if i will be successful if i choose this as my career.
From those who feel the same way like i do, i wish to hear from you.


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    Apr 30 2012: We believe that you simply place yourself in an environment of people who have found their passions and discovered their purposes. See how they think, see what they do, and you'll soon be on your way of finding yours. It's like the principle of seeds and fruits. You can't just place a orange seed in any climate. They grow to their fullest potential in the right soil and climate. The same if for humanity.

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