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How to pro-actively attract customers through ATM?

1) Approach ATM
2) Look at touchscreen advertisement on bank product
3) Select option on touchscreen button "I am interested. Contact me."
4) ATM prompt user to insert ATM card to continue.
5) ATM logs user information, route to contact centre to call customer.

Now that is Pro-active. vs asking customer to spend on SMS, time, effort and memory to remember the number to contact regarding the product on the advertisement or queuing at the bank.

Observation: As i approach a OCBC ATM,

A. The advertisement switches from one to the other too quickly for me to absorb the information

B. Some of the advertisement is overfilled and cluttered with information

C. There is no direct way for the Bank to contact me if i have an interest in a product from the advertisement on the ATM touchscreen; it is too troublesome for me to remember or search for the Bank hotline to call in or queue or even go to the Bank to ask to buy a product. Not everyone has the initiative or the free time to do so.


A. De-clutter each advertisement and lengthen the advertisement switch times

B. A button to click next to cycle through each advertisement

C. Most importantly, most people who approach an OCBC Bank ATM are existing account holders, very few people who are not account holders will go the ATM to play with it... thus offer a way/ button e.g. 'I am interested, contact me' button on the advertisement shown on the touchscreen of the ATM. After the user pressed the button ‘interested’ on the touchscreen, next the user could slot the ATM card in, the machine would be able to retrieve the user information and send a sales person to contact the user.


A. Pro-active approach compared to 'tell and wait' approach to solicit customers

B. Low cost and low effort implementation

C. Technology exist thus it can be done, it depends if you want to

What do you think?

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  • Apr 29 2012: i understand where you are coming from, but i dont see ATM disappearing in my life time. Its like revamping the entire eco system. Its like paper money are not necessary anymore. If you tell a bank to take out the ads on their machines or walls, they would just ignore you.

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