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How does our dream gets incorporated with reality ?

Most of us might have experienced this phenomenon whereby an actual sensation is incorporated into our dream, Such as dreaming someone walking towards your doorbell while in reality you are awaken hearing your telephone ringing.

Question is how the pressing of doorbell and ringing of telephone occur at same time ?

Does it really happen simultaneously without even a fraction of second difference ?

Or is that our dream gets PAUSED at one point and we are awakened at the ringing ?

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    Apr 28 2012: I have never experience this phenomenon but I have many times had a premonition that someting was about to happen and it has. When this occurs it is a very mind expanding occurance. I was walking near my home one day and looked down and there of all things was a dreidel (A small jewish toy).A joyful feeling came over me and I called the only jewish friend that I had to tell him the news and he excitedly told me that the liver transplant that his wife had been waiting for was going to happen that very day. I think it is very possible that premonitions can occur in our dreams as well.
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    Apr 26 2012: When you hear the doorbell, it begins. Your brain is racing madly creating the story. You might wake up three seconds after, but in that time you'll have dream a one-hour story.