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Will the human mind always be superior to machines because machines are only tools of human minds.

Admittedly, machines are nearly the synonym of human civilization. General speaking, among human history, machine is a great invention which enhance human productivities, upgrade the efficiency, and then accelerates the development of human society all the time. Machines are the most loyal friend of human. They require nothing but electricity or oil. They never take the emotion when doing their work. They can be as huge as a dam. They can be as fast as a rocket. They can be as smart as a computer. It is machines make us human beings the most advanced residents here on the earth.
However, things changed, since people became aware that we are not the owner of machines, but just a part of machine’s world. In modern times, machines do not really serve men but men have to keep an even pace with the machines. Along the assemble lines, workers take the components and repeat the same procedure. There is nothing different between the workers and machines, except the beating hearts. Even the white-collars in the office building, they are just components of the companies, the big machines built to do the business. Meanwhile, with the leap of technology, the machines become more and more clever. The calculating ability of computers has already surpassed human beings decades ago. And the fast developing of artificial Intelligence seems to show us that there is no doubt that sooner or later the machines will be cleverer than us.
Going further about the issue, what is quite sad to us is that the more we develop and evaluate, the more we conscious about the reality that we ourselves are just a kind of machine. With the development of Gene technology, we can know the exact sequence of the genes which code us. The anatomy has already told us we consists of various organs that work together just like machines. So we cannot claim that we are superior to the machines, as they are just the extension of ourselves.


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    Apr 30 2012: We believe that something created was made from something. That something then has a source of living. That source holds the key to the creation's potential being fulfilled. We don't believe anything that has a source can ever become greater than it's creator. A creation will always need the hand of the creator.

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