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What makes us keep or share our secrets? Live Conversation with Frank Warren, Post Secret author on May 4th, 1 pm EDT.

Join the TED Speaker and Post Secret author Frank Warren for a one hour Live Q&A here on May 4th, 1pm EDT.

Click below to watch the "Half a Million Secrets" TED Talk!


Closing Statement from Frank Warren

Responding to your thoughtful questions helped me understand the project better.

Here is my address for mailing secrets:
13345 copper ridge road
Germantown, MD 20874

"Free your secrets and become who you are."


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    May 4 2012: Last 10 minutes. This has been fun!

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    May 4 2012: Most popular secret. . . "I pee in the shower".


  • May 4 2012: I have been reading post secret religiously every Sunday since I first discovered it. I hardly ever miss a Sunday and now own every book. I have no questions for you, but a great thank you for creating this project and bringing people of all sorts together. Thank you for Post Secret, it has helped an unbelievable amount of people through tough times in sowing them that they are not alone
  • May 4 2012: i have no question. I just wanted a venue to say "Thanks for giving us Post Secret" it has really been a source of inspiration and helped me with my own recovery (addiction). Frank Warren you have been a huge part of my that recovery. maybe that's my question. How does it feel to effect so many in such a deep way?
  • May 4 2012: After the time is up for this live conversation will you continue to answer the questions that you haven't gotten to yet?
  • May 4 2012: How much do you think PostSecret has changed the world?
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      May 4 2012: Guess... amounts to utter nothing! If u talk of one mr J Assange.... may be v r talking!!
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    May 4 2012: Where did you get the metal box that you carry your secrets in for the talks. Was it made specifically for this or was it repurposed?
  • May 4 2012: Through the years I have kept the secret of my "self" from others - I have been hiding behind a facade and allow others to believe it is me, because I fear I will not be well received. Recently I revealed some truths to people I trust and was amazed at the acceptance. I enjoy human connection, deep, honest, truth telling. I find it a great relief and very freeing to reveal my self. So, thank you for giving people the space to be real.
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      May 4 2012: Thanks for sharing. I think telling a secret can also invite others to share their secrets back with you.

      "Secrets are the currency of intimacy."

      • May 4 2012: Exactly, you are right. It seems that we prefer to hide because of fear instead of trusting that love will always find the truth - courage begins with being honest and true to ourselves.
  • May 4 2012: A few weeks ago, I realized keeping secrets for so many years can be very taxing on my mind. So, I began writing all the secrets I could remember down on paper. After finishing with over 200 secrets that I'd never shared with anyone... I confessed them all aloud (while home alone) and then destroyed the pages. Somehow, I felt better... lighter afterwards.

    Really enjoy your project! Cheers! M
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    May 4 2012: Frank, when will you come to San Francisco, CA?
  • May 4 2012: When the day comes you decide to no longer do ps, what will happen to all of the secrets?
  • May 4 2012: Does the weight of the secrets sometimes get to you? What do you do to cope and relieve stress or sadness?
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      May 4 2012: I have had a difficult life myself. Struggles with mental illness, loneliness, bullying and deaths as a child. So reading heavy secrets usually makes me feel a sense of solidarity. Like others are struggling too.

      But maybe metaphorically there is a cost. I have never had worse back problems and am recovering from a second back surgery.

      • May 4 2012: It can be a burden if you don't have good boundaries - I tend to be an emotional sponge and have to "release" all the pains of the world regularly. Perhaps some yoga and meditation would help you let it go...sounds like you are carrying the world on your back.
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    May 4 2012: I read Post Secret at work in spite of it always making me tear up from the sad / wistful / loving / personal-no-one- congratulate-me stories because if I read them at home alone it makes me feel really sad. But then again, I read them there anyway. Why is it so compelling? Is it because it reminds us we're not alone in our secrets?
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      May 4 2012: I like to think reading them makes us feel less alone...or maybe at lease alone but with others.

      Some of the secrets can be difficult to read. But for people who have had troubled lives they may offer solace.

      I like to think of the project as comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

  • May 4 2012: Have you ever thought a secret was fabricated by a person to seem more shocking/ funny/ sad for the sole purpose of being posted?
  • May 4 2012: IN your opinion, what compels us to keep or share a secret?
  • May 4 2012: Do you often or have you ever posted your own secrets to the blog or books?
    • May 4 2012: i've always wondered this as well - do you ever sneak in your own secrets?
    • May 4 2012: Frank has said that he puts one of his own secrets into every book
  • May 4 2012: Has collecting secrets changed your view on humanity?
  • May 4 2012: Do the secrets you receive burden you in any way?
  • May 4 2012: I keep my post secret app on my iPod, even though it is now blank. I miss the community, and I am not ready to let it go yet.
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    May 4 2012: Here' a link to a funny social media secret I just posted to my twitter followers.


  • May 4 2012: Did you know that DeviantArt.com has started their own secrets? How do you feel about this? Do you feel that people are taking your idea, or that this is good for society?
  • May 4 2012: Have you ever received a secret that angered you or made you question whether starting PostSecret was a good idea or not? If so, how frequently does it happen?
  • May 4 2012: Do you ever feel personally burdened with all of the secrets you get from total strangers?
  • May 4 2012: What is your plan for all the secrets you have received? I think the thought of throwing them away or destroying them has to be heartbreaking.
  • May 4 2012: Trust & paranoia make me share or keep my secrets.
  • May 4 2012: Frank is telling a lie necessary implication that you want to hide a secret?
    Or are there any other factors enabling that.
    How do you free yourself from the clutter of lie hood?
  • May 4 2012: So thank you for that! You are bringing back memories...:) good ones! I like the idea of sharing people vulnerabilities and imperfections in a fresh and innocent way and not as self-promotion as it is too often the case nowadays , postsecret is selfless! :)
  • May 4 2012: What's the weirdest thing you've ever received? Have you ever received anything other than secrets?
  • May 4 2012: Hello , just seeing you on Ted , made me emotional... someone told me about your website last year before Xmas , someone I cared deeply for , I went to visit him and he showed me your website ...I was ver sad to hear it was close a few months ago ... and now I don't talk to this person anymore , he's out of my life!
  • May 4 2012: I just found out my mom has cancer after not speaking to her for over a year. She is going to die. Any advice.
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      May 4 2012: All moms die, just like we all will but how fortunate that you can be alive and together today.

      (Yeah, I'm better at getting secrets than giving advice.)