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Why? Are there still no peace in this world.

Whatever happened to using knowledge, common sense and wisdom? This is a no brainer. This planet is jewel in the universe.The human race as well as other species of life live here.We are interconected with the internet.And last but not least _We need each other. Wars are wastefull and use up valueable resources. Human and material.There has been conflicts as long as mankind has been around and if we had used the resourses we wasted we would be at the stars by now. Everbody in the world needs to start playing nice.If not for themselves do it for everybody else. To Love is to share your goodness with all. Thank you

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    Apr 26 2012: Peace is Expensive - War is Profitable.
  • Apr 26 2012: Psychopaths.
    They are 2% of all population and don't care about nothing.
    When they get power start wars, exploit their own people and take risks as big that markets crashes.
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    Apr 26 2012: Because humans have the knowledge of good and evil. Some humans mostly prefer and pursue good. Other humans prefer and pursue evil. Neither group is 100% successful, thus creating and maintaining a constant tension. The problem is the human heart.
    • Apr 27 2012: It is better to try and not succeed Than to never to try, And never to know the out come especially when you know in your heart that it is the right thing to do. There is good in all. All we gotta do is let it shine. But alot of this is common sense. We have access to the heartbeat of the world and most of us knows what is right and what is wrong. But I believe that most people know that wars and conflict is not the way of solving a dispute. In the end nobody wins and the whole world loses. Thank you
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        Apr 27 2012: I wish you were correct Mr. Haynes, but the facts of history stand in opposition to your suggestion.
        • Apr 27 2012: I have always believed that you can learn from studing history many things including bad mistakes and bad judgement. Have we not evolved enough to where we are mature and have enough knowledge to change our ways? Will we ever grow up and gain a little wisdom? Or are we a highly evolved organisin with no concept as to our purpose and no regard for others of our kind? Smart but heartless. If nothing else history teaches you not to make the same errors in judgement as have been done in the past. We can make our history better if we are so inclined to. We have the knowledge, common sense and hopefully wisdom to do it. So why aren't we? In the past you had a minority controlling the majority But with todays global communications, The masses finally has a voice in the world and hopefully we will put our differences aside and work together for a better tomorrow. Thank you for responding
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    Zack K

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    May 7 2012: because knowledge and common sense and wisdom are not common
  • May 5 2012: This will be my final comment on this subject. I first want to thank all who bothered to respond.Thank you!! A few observations that I have gathered in this experience are the idea of a utopian society doesn't sit to well with people that I have talked to. That in some respect we need evil to balance everything out. But the interesting part is that in most religions evil will be stamped out one day and we will all live in peace and harmony forever. Sounds like utopia to me. I hope that I have not offended anyone with my replys. I am just one person, and like most people i have questions,theories, opinions on alot of things, But if i have to chose between good or evil, I chose good.If i had to chose between love and hate, I chose love. And if I had a choice between war and peace, Most definitly i would chose peace. To love is to share your goodness with all and that is what I have attempted to do. Thanks again
  • Apr 30 2012: "the people would become vulnerable/exploitable to an evil tyrant?"

    We already have, over and over. People have written books about, "How Can We Keep Monsters Like Those From Nazi Germany From Gaining Power Again", and the fact is we haven't. We continue to put them into power. In short, we repeat history, like idiots who have been brainwashed into believing voting works, they are telling us the truth, they really care, etc.

    It's not human nature. Humans behave wonderfully when their needs are met. Government makes sure our needs are always at risk of not being met because they and others, profit off our problems and struggles. We even believe, "THIS IS THE WAY THINGS SHOULD BE!"

    We won't have a "tyrant" among us if we create a system and society in which there is no reason to be one. No reason to be a criminal. No reason to be afraid instead of what we allow to be dumped upon our psyches dailty. Then,
    those kinds of people and things won't even be able to occur.

    There will be no need for it. As long as people believe, think and say, "There will probably never be peace", then chances are it will remain remote instead of using the positive thinking one says to apply in all other areas of life.

    But not that one? Why not?
  • Apr 28 2012: It has amazed me on all the negativity over peacefull co- existence. The comments sofar has been interesting and enlightening. Don't we have a responsability as the top species of life here not to destroy the planet along with ourselves because we can and almost have done on several occasions with nuclear bombs and missiles. Dictatorships has become harder to accomplish due to communication among all. The world is watching now. Peace and unity breeds prosperity and power can corrupt. Why people who claim that they are smart can't see the bigger picture beats the heck out of me. Here is the no brainer: Finite resources, Global economics, Seven billon plus people, agressive behavior, A sense of hopelessness. Does being a warrior society make us stronger or does it make us weaker in the long run? Where's the love of your fellow man? We as a global community have some important decisions to make. Continue on with the conflicts we are experiencing and risk possible destruction of all life including us on this planet. Or wise up to our potential demise and make some serious changes in our ways before it is to late. There is hope but not much time. We are all consumers but we need to be contributors also. I am not suggesting social upheavil, I am suggesting peacefull co-existence and pooling our human and material resources for the good of all. Its worth thinking about. Thank you
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    Apr 27 2012: Peace and unity, create power... Power corrupts...
  • Apr 27 2012: Because we are human. We are imperfect, selfish, human beings. We have evolved to sit at the top of the food chain, and to do so, we need to be vicious little buggers. Your comment about reaching the stars is ridiculous, since even with travel at the speed of light, we would take quite a long time to reach anywhere significant.

    War is necessary, evil men need to die and tyrants must be fallen, because no real change ever comes about unless someone starts killing people. Its how the world seems to have been for a very long time.

    We fight because it is our nature, not just our human nature, but the nature, OF nature. We fight because we are the latest, most high tech species that mother nature could evolve. And atleast we excel in that respect.
    • Apr 28 2012: I will try to reply to the best of my ability and with respect. There is two parts to your response and i will try to address the second one first. Our biggest foe is not each other Its the microscopic species of life that are out to get us all. I will give examples: viruses such as ebola, bird flu,small pox and others. Free radicals such as Dust, pollen,smoke and other particles that we can't even see with our naked eye. We are constantly battling these species with antibiotics and other methods just to stay alive. And the viruses mutate which makes it even harder. That is our true foe not each other. I do agree that there are people in this world that are evil and society needs to be protected from them. War with each other is not necessary. A war on germs, A definite Yes. A war on hunger and poverty, A definite Yes. To me we are all indivisuals and the sum total of our experiences both good and bad. We do have free will and with it comes choice. It is also in our nature to learn and adapt. There are things that we need to fight out there but like I said its not each other. And now the first part: About thirty plus years ago I made a comment that if for the last five to twelve thousand years that if mankind had tried to improve life instead of trying to find a better way killing each other we would be at the stars by now. It was part metaphor and part fact. I know you are a skeptic and I respect that. But let me enlighten you for a second. At one time in history skeptics said man could never fly. They were wrong. At one time in history skeptics said man could never break the sound barrier. They were wrong again. What is thought of as impossible today just might be doable tomorrow. I hope that i have given you a better understanding now. Thank you
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    • Apr 27 2012: I am sure we can be friends. I believe that the internet has become the collective consince of the world and has the capacity to do good things for all life in this world. Every culture has good things and good ideas to give to our world. We as a global community can make a positive difference in this world if we only try and our motives are for bettering life for all. Mister Gandhiji was a great man and I admired him and his beliefs. We could use a lot more people like him now.
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    Apr 26 2012: Not sure whether we should consider this planet to be JEWEL of much we know about universe as a whole........

    Yes we are interconnected with internet in recent times but with thousands years baggage with us like religion, race, nationality, culture, political ideology, desire of supremacy etc etc it's very easy not to have peace........that's why there is no peace still.
    • Apr 27 2012: Thank you for replying. I do believe our planet is a jewel. a great place to live. What I have seen of other planets out there this one is a pretty nice. My opinion only. We have evolved in the last fifty years that we can communicate with just about anyone on the planet. It's hard for me to understand how with what we know today that wars can still be in the human equasion. Its senseless. Our petty differences should not define who we are and what our potential could be. We as a species has to grow up or we will go the way of the dinosaur. To me our civility is what separates us from other species of life here and I agree that we have our differences and But I believe in forgiving and moving on in a positive way for the good of all.
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    Apr 26 2012: disparity among races!!!
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    Apr 26 2012: Because conflict is created, unsuspected parties create conflict for their own benefit. Let me give some examples black against white the 3rd party is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, Big evil business the 3rd party is the liberal media and politicians. War the 3rd party is the defense contractors.
  • Apr 26 2012: Because people are selfish
  • Apr 26 2012: There will probably never be peace, though I praise you for hoping for it.

    I have a question or two for you. What are the consequences of total world peace?

    Lets consider human nature for a moment. Could it be possible that during an extended period of peace, when the majority of people have become conditioned to this peaceful world, the people would become vulnerable/exploitable to an evil tyrant? For world peace to exist the evil side of human nature must be exterminated.

    So, could it possibly benefit the people to always have an adversary? They don't have to be an evil tyrant, but just enough that we don't get soft and weak.
    • Apr 27 2012: To me the benefit of world peace is that we could use our human and material resources in a more productive ways such as ending world hunger , working together to find cures for different diseases and working for abetter tomorrow for everyone. There is endless possibilities if we work together. Being that our material resourses here are finite, we have to focus on going else where in space to get them. We need to spread humanity elsewhere in the universe so as the old saying goes That we don't have all our eggs in one basket.To do that properly we need to focus our energies in a positive way. We need each other now more than ever in history and working together is our strenght. We have the knowledge, the tools to live in peace and prosper and the powers that be seems to be clueless or narrow minded. Thank you for responding
    • Apr 29 2012: Mr. Baldwin I apologize for not answering your questions properly in my first reply. I will try to now. The consequences of world peace are Prosperity,Harmoniny, More great minds to help solving problems and creating new technologies. The ability to reach our full potential and achieve great things without the pain and conflict to distract us from that goal. The pluses outweigh the minuses. I don't believe we would be vulnerable if have safe guards in place. Just because we are peacefull does not mean we will be weak. I admit there is evil in human nature but that energy can be channeled in a positive direction. As far as adversies goes I made a comment to another member that mankinds number one adversary is and has always been the microscopic lifeforms that we have had to fight for as long as we have been arround. I will some examples: Plagues such as the one we had in twelth to thirteened century,Epidemics like smallpox,Virsuses that mutate, Cancer and i could go on and on. That is and always has been our number one adversary. We have always been at war with the lifeforms. They might not be as evolved as we are but they are persistent at trying to destroy us all. We need space travel if for nothing else resources, planets to colonize. And to do that we are going to need everyones help and ideas. We will always fighting something that does not mean it has to be each other. I leave you with this: Many hands make lite work and many hearts make a stronger society. Thank you once again
      • Apr 29 2012: I still commend you for being hopeful, but I have to ask you about the evil aspect of human nature.

        You said, "I admit there is evil in human nature but that energy can be channeled in a positive direction." Therefore you are alluding that force must be used. Or am I misinterpreting?

        I agree that epidemics are dangerous, and man's intervention with medicine has had many successes; however antibiotics for instance have been a double edged sword. The overuse of antibiotics has made some individual's immune system's weak.

        Anyway, my point is it is honorable to wish and, or want world peace, but such an effort is unrealistic, improbable and would also require a single control over the world if total peace was to ever be accomplished. What then are the consequences of having a one world government?
        • Apr 29 2012: Thank you once again for responding. You seem to be a really good person and very knowledgable and open minded. I admire those qualities. I have done some serious soul searching as well going thru the knowledge that I have gained in life since your last response. Even tho I was the one who asked the question, now I feel compelled to come up with the perfect answer. What you and others have said are all true. Sad but true. So I had to ask myself the questions that I would ask others to see what my answer wuold be. Are we evil? My answer is that we all have a dark side and yes it is our nature as well as other lifeforms the potential to do good or bad things to one another. I was thinking about the united nations and why it was founded. If I am correct in saying it was to have the nations of the world to work together for the good of all. Sounds familar to what I have been saying. But the UN hasn't done a very good job of it. I am still thier biggest fan and supporter. I believe in accountability and everyone is accountable for their actions.There will always be evil and evil people in this world. We can accept it and hope that we are not a victim of it or we can fight it every time it rears its head up. The way ,my way to channel the evil is for the people who are causing it to realize the futility of it for in the end good always wins verses evil. That is in history also, if anyone cares to check it out.But to prove that point a lot of human and material resources are wasted. And have been wasted. Do I believe in a one world goverment? No I do not! I do believe in nations keeping their idenity and culture but working together jointly like the UN was designed for. Call it shared power. Call it a world democracy. The questions are easy , The answers are not. It still comes down to choice and circumstance with all of of us. I hope what I said helps. I gave it my best. Thank you
      • Apr 29 2012: @ Terry

        The number one thing we can do in life is advance our knowledge. As long as enough of us continue and make sure we don't box ourselves in then all will be fine.

        No. Thank you.

        W.P. Baldwin
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    • Apr 27 2012: I am new to Ted so I can't help you much there. Sorry. I treat everybody with dignity and respect and everyone in this world has the same opportunity to be my friend no matter if they are poor or rich or what religion they are . To me the lowest common denominator is we are of the same species. In that respect we have to look out for one another. To love is to share your goodness with all. Thank you