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Has anyone else witnessed the power of mass focused prayer?

How many of you have wittnessed the power of prayer? It can be a single heart felt prayer or the power of mass focused prayer.
I am a true believer of prayer, My grandaughter was diagnosed deaf shortly after she was born. The familiy was in shock as you can imagine. My wife bought a book on sign language and we decided to deal with it. A week after she was born I laid next to my sleeping grand daughter and I started to pray as hard as I could. I prayed to God to give her my hearing, I went to church that sunday and asked the congregation to pray for her. To make a long story short, My daughter took her back for a follow up exam and the Doctor came with a perplexed look on her face saying that she had never seen anything like it, my granddaughter had near perfect hearing. Some hearing loss in the lower range but other wise good hearing. Later we found that her adnoids were so large they were blocking the eustachian tube causing a reduction in hearing. Once the adnoids were removed the problem was solved. I remember my wife saying the the doctor cured our grand daughter, I replied, not with out a lot of prayer. Please send me your experience.


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    May 3 2012: I don't think people truly understand what prayer is - or how it functions.

    One needs no belief in god to pray. One only needs regard for people.

    It is by people that people are strong.

    People have strength through empathy. However epathy works, is not important, what is important is that we practice it.

    Try this - each person you become aware of - whether you know them or not, whether you like them or not, just pause for a microsecond to imagine a pulse of well-being to that person .. practice it while walking, sending that pulse to everyone you pass. Practice it while sending/recieveing emails and text. Don't say anything, just do it.

    Then .. see what happens :)
    • May 3 2012: HI Mitch,
      I got your partial replies via my email account, I don't see them on the thread here. They were a little cryptic to me. I like your suggestion of sending "the pulse". I suggest similar techniques to my patients. In my mission to heal fear I have people focus on how peaceful it is around them right now.
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        May 3 2012: Hi jenni,

        I alluded to some prayer thart was done for your part of the world a couple of years ago.
        I made some observations that were wildly speculative - and probably not helpful to your cause.
        Suffice to say, my prayers and those of others I know are with you.
        • May 4 2012: Thank you, Mitch and all others whose prayers are with me.

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