Don Ruch

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GPS Chip for for children and the aged.

The afernoon news caught my attention, "A tracking devise for locating lost children, Is this a moral issue?"
I'm not sure what the News Anchor was getting at, Was the chip suppose to be inserted in the child? Antoher idea that came up on the same news subject was to track the child by giving the child a cell phone and the adult could track the child with their smart phone. I'm not sure how many of us would give a child under the age of 6 a cell phone. My idea would be pinning a small chip/device inside the childs clothing and being able to track the child with a tracking device App with our smart phone. This would be a valuable aid for tracking the senile as well. This chip could be placed on or near babies in there crib as a monitoring device. It could track breathing,heart rate and send an alarm in the event of distress.
LOJACK can locate your missing Chevy, lets give out loved ones the same priority.