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Plural Marriage

I'm interested in the changing nature of relationships. Given the huge divorce rate and the high incidence of infidelity in marriage - is the idea of a plural marriage / plural de facto relationship or polygamy or polyandry going to become more popular?
I'm particularly interested in Australians views on this issue.


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  • May 21 2012: I don't know about Australia, but social acceptance of more than one husband for a woman is the need of the hour in countries like India where decades of sex selection has created a social crisis : There are way too many men and way too less women for a standard 1:1 pairing. Already this has started in a sick manner - brides are being brought in to families of multiple brothers and are forced to have sex with all the brothers. Women are being commoditized and bought and sold. We need to overturn centuries of discrimination and give women an equal footing. The option of having more than one husband would go a long way - it would most importantly knock men off of this ownership mentality.

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