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The world struggles with debt, and economists see dollar signs, what do think is the solution to the problem at hand.

First off, we the citizens of the world are not to blame for debt crisis, its the policy makers and breakers. Now, knowing that, what's the solution. Do we need better leadership, do we need concrete policy of which the public must be involved in, do we need more innovation? do we need a stricter code of ethics for politicians and economists ,do we need laws against greed in the market place. State your thoughts and solutions.


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  • Apr 26 2012: I disagree that you give us citizens a pass on the debt crisis. If the people were not demanding services that they did not want to pay for there would not be a debt problem. If the people did not want to retire early with big pensions there would not be a debt problem. If the people did not want to have what everyone else had there would not be a debt problem.

    For a problem to be solved all parties involved must be considered, or the solution will not be valid and make matters worse.

    The people are supposed to be the leadership, but, in the United States, the people have defered their responsibilities over to the government. The citizens caused the problem in the United States by not being responsible for themselves. This gave the government the power to do whatever they wanted. They only have to dangle the carrot of hope in front of them to keep the power the people gave up long ago.
    • May 1 2012: You're technically right, insomuch as it is true that the situation we're in couldn't have been achieved without an element of mass-ignorance and indifference but it cannot be denied we spend our entire lives navigating through a system which is mindbogglingly efficient at fabricating perceived needs and desires.
      • May 1 2012: Bob, you are exactly right about the "perceived" needs. The industrialization of compassion and security has run rampant. The reason I believe it has gotten out of control is because the federal government (PRINTED MONEY) funds way too much of what localities should be paying for themselves (LOCALITIES CANNOT PRINT MONEY). If the locality can afford it that is fine (LOCAL TAXES that the people approve), otherwise they don't have the "service" at all. We cannot mix socialistic collective policies in a capitalist system and expect it to work even reasonably well. It is much harder to prove you have a good product when people are paying for it with their own money which they had to work hard for.

        W.P. Baldwin

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