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The world struggles with debt, and economists see dollar signs, what do think is the solution to the problem at hand.

First off, we the citizens of the world are not to blame for debt crisis, its the policy makers and breakers. Now, knowing that, what's the solution. Do we need better leadership, do we need concrete policy of which the public must be involved in, do we need more innovation? do we need a stricter code of ethics for politicians and economists ,do we need laws against greed in the market place. State your thoughts and solutions.


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    Apr 27 2012: Education. I think we need to be more drastic about the need of education. As Krisztian said policy makers are elected democratically. Everyone is free to choose who is going to represent them on the Government. Sometimes people are manipulated by politicians because they don't have the education to understand what's going on. Sadly politics and the economics crisis are too complicated to just judge them by the results. Remember that there is not 1 politician that is on the power that does not have the support of a certain amount of people.
    • May 1 2012: Indeed a high level of education globally is paramount to the success of our species but I think it's important that we look into revising exactly how it is that "our elected representatives" represent our needs and desires. Besides, if we ever hope to find a way of exploiting this planet in such a way that a handful billions of people can co-exist on it under decent conditions, we're going to have to figure out a system wherein the needs and desires of, but also the expectations on, local communities are all addressed on equal terms, regardless of geography.

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