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What video will you flip first on the new TED-Ed website?

ed.ted.com launched today, and it's absolutely incredible. Watch the tour video, and flip one of TED-Ed's featured lessons or make your own from any video on YouTube.



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  • Apr 29 2012: Tried to flip a video lesson but can not get link to work. Keeps asking for me to sign in and does not recognize my password. But I am signed in when I click the link to begin to flip a video lesson. I teach High School Algebra2/Trig and Precalculus. I make video lessons at home with my MacBook and put them on youtube for my students to access them. Really want to be able to use the Ted-Ed tools to add more features to my video lessons. My youtube channel is clubvt.
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      Apr 30 2012: Hey, Linda! I am going to ask our web specialist to help me figure out what's going on. Somebody will be back with you shortly. I'm sorry you're having difficulties, but I am sure we can help you figure it out...

      Have a great day!

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